Yahoo’s State of Native Report & Infographic


Leveraging data from more than 74.5 billion native ad impressions across its extensive network of more than 3,400 publisher properties, Yahoo’s The State of Native report provides marketers and advertisers with a unique look at the market and offers insights to help them get the most out of native.

In the past year, mobile usage hit critical mass, and as a result, both marketers and publishers are searching for new ways to get a larger slice of the mobile pie.

Enter: native.
Native ads generate up to 3x more attention than display ads and are a win for both publishers looking to monetize their properties, and advertisers looking to maximize engagement and reach.

Highlights from The State of Native report:

Native continues to reign supreme.
Yahoo is seeing exponential growth of native ad consumption in all regions and across all devices, with smartphone growth outpacing desktop. In North America, native advertising accounts for 33% of Yahoo’s global advertising demand.

Leveraging native video ads boosts ROI. Publishers working with Yahoo have seen 446.7% lift in eCPMs on native video ad placements compared to display.

Matching the right demand with the right publisher inventory is crucial to maximizing effectiveness. For example, brand campaigns focused on increasing app installs see the highest conversion on news and weather apps, whereas campaigns focused on increasing brand awareness see the highest conversion on education and utility apps.

Understanding how your audience is engaged, and on what devices, can help you reach them at the right place and the right time.

Consumer engagement in specific apps and on devices varies by time of day and location. For example:

* In North America, across all age segments, users typically spend the late afternoons and evenings on their smartphones, while their nights are spent on desktop. In other parts of the world, nights are typically spent on smartphones.

* In almost all regions across the globe, messaging / social apps are the most popular apps for conversion throughout the day. However, in Germany, sports apps take the cake. And while music apps see the highest conversion in the morning and evening in the UK, consumers are turning to sports apps in the afternoon.



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