Snap To It! Snapchat’s Feeling Pressure to Have Metrics Audited


With pressure from ad buyers to have Snapchat’s ad metrics audited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC), it will be interesting to see if the company complies and what the data reveal. Adotas spoke with Carl Erik Kjærsgaard, the co-founder and CEO of Blackwood Seven, (pictured below) about the importance of a good metrics audit.

Q: What is the benefit of Snap having their metrics audited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC)?

A: It will create transparency and establish trust.

Q: Do you think metrics will be a post-IPO issue for Snapchat?

A: Yes, when the hype is gone and agency holding groups’ race to sign trading agreements has finished. That race is more about an opportunity for the agency holding groups to position themselves and less about what is proven to drive business outcome for advertisers.

Q: Is it necessary for the MRC to oversee and validate how third-party ad measurement firms are collecting and crunching data from Snapchat?

A: If part of an MRC audit is performed by a third-party ad measurement firm, then I think it is natural for the MRC to oversee and validate. But if Snap should decide to allow agencies/advertisers to use a third-party ad measurement tool, then I think the MRC role should only be to help define standards for ad metrics unique to Snap.

Q: As of now, Facebook and Google have committed to audits from the MRC, while Pinterest and Twitter are having ongoing discussions about having their metrics audited. Will pressure on digital and social companies to perform similar audits be common place within the industry?

A: Yes, I believe that any platform that doesn’t either commit to have their ad metrics audited or allow third-party measurement has a transparency issue that (at some point) will create mistrust.



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