Loi Sapin 2.0: Parlez-vous Transparency? What the New French Law Means for Global Marketers


Adotas is pleased to discuss with Carl Erik Kjærsgaard, CEO and co-founder of AI media platform Blackwood Seven, the ramifications of the new French regulations mandating more transparency in digital media and advertising.

Q: What are the global implications of France’s Loi Sapin 2.0 within the advertising industry?

A: I don’t foresee any global implications. While it might not be a legal requirement in all markets, media agencies and trading desks are most often organized in separate legal entities. This to enable the trading desk to have different terms and conditions (than the media agency) towards the client.

Q: With this updated law, do you think French programmatic ad spending will rise or fall?

A: I don’t think the updated law will change the development in programmatic ad spend.

Q: How should agencies begin to prepare for the law now, once it takes effect in 2018?

A: The agencies should really prepare by changing their business model and no longer be both the buyer and seller of media. I believe this is the intention of the law, but since the law will still allow the agency holding groups to own both media agency businesses and media trading desks – as long as in separate entities – I don’t know if there’s much to actually prepare for.

Q: Do you believe this law could serve as a model for the entire global advertising industry?

A: Since the law still allows for media agencies and trading desks to part of the same holding company, in my point of view, the law only creates what is already common practice.


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