ironSource Announces Expansion of Integration with AdMob Network


ironSource Announces Expansion of Integration with Google’s AdMob Network, Now Including Rewarded Video Demand.

Mobile marketing and monetization platform ironSource announced the expansion of their integration with AdMob as a network partner of their Supply Side Platform. Publishers using the ironSource Mediation SDK can now leverage AdMob as a premium demand source for rewarded video in addition to interstitials. This incrementally increases competition for their video inventory, and maximizes global fill rates and eCPMs.

“Rewarded video is fast becoming the ad unit of choice for advertisers and publishers, offering a non-interruptive experience and a clear value exchange that users love,” said Adam Ben-David, VP SSP, Developer Solutions ironSource (pictured top left). “This latest expansion of our integration with AdMob will give developers even greater access to premium rewarded video demand through our platform, helping them monetize more effectively.”

Rewarded Video

Rewarded video not only commands high eCPMs, studies also show that the ad format increases retention, drives higher in-app engagement, and even converts non-paying users into paying users. An ironSource study showed that users who engaged in rewarded video were twice as likely to make in-app-purchases, and played 4.5 times as many sessions per week as users who didn’t watch rewarded videos.

Marketers also favor the format, benefiting from guaranteed viewability and an opportunity to connect with users in an environment where they are already engaged. More critically, because rewarded videos are opt-in, brands can be sure that their ads aren’t being encountered in an annoying or interruptive context. As more brands move advertising budgets in-app, demand for high-impact ad formats like rewarded video will only grow.

Offering mobile ad mediation across both video and display ad units, ironSource’s SSP is one of the most mature rewarded video SSPs in the industry, and offers a one-stop-shop solution to help developers manage and optimize across multiple demand sources. The platform provides access to leading networks, including InMobi, Applovin, AdMob, AdColony, Chartboost and more, allowing developers to maximize eCPMs and fill rates. The company’s intuitive dashboard provides unprecedented insight into network performance, with real-time reporting capabilities putting full inventory control back into the hands of the developer, and enabling them to maximise revenue via one centralized SDK.

The new expansion with AdMob will bring developers a new crop of global demand for video and rewarded video ads. Integrating partner ad networks is simple. For new users, follow ironSource’s quick setup guide to have the leading ad networks deployed in a matter of hours.

ironSource’s Mediation Platform supports Unity, iOS, Android, Adobe Air and Corona.



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