Addressable vs Programmatic Television


Brian Katz, Vice President of Advanced TV Insights & Strategy at Eyeview (pictured left), shares his insights on addressable TV.

Q: What is the difference between programmatic and addressable TV?

A: Programmatic is a more automated way of buying television. Currently, programmatic does not offer the HH level targeting and ad serving that addressable does, which is why Eyeview is more focused on what addressable offers to marketers and its synergies with our digital and social solutions.

Q: What is the advantage of addressable TV?

A: Leveraging addressable TV allows us to target a specific in-market household with relevant creative messaging to drive sales outcomes. Addressable results in a more efficient campaign with less wasted impressions and allows marketers to target on a national or more local level. Instead of using various data sources to buy across national and spot television, Eyeview is able to use one data methodology to target audiences and measure outcomes on addressable TV, in addition to digital and social video.

Q: Where do you see addressable TV in 2020?

A: We believe there will be significant growth in addressable TV in the near future. This will be a result of more MVPD enabled set-top-boxes to serve the ads as well as the greater demand from marketers and broadcasters to serve HH targeted ads.

Q: What are some of the limitations when it comes to advanced and addressable TV?

A: Both connected and programmatic TV do not yet have the rich targeting and measurement capabilities that addressable offers. Some believe addressable TV is not yet at scale, but we are focused on lower funnel sales outcomes and have seen addressable already impact this space – we believe there is enough scale to drive outcomes and that traditional linear television is better suited for awareness type metrics. Due to limitations of STB technology and the current manual nature of addressable, we are not able to work with as many creative versions as we can in digital, but it is still far better than traditional linear television.

About Brian

Brian Katz is Vice President of Advanced TV Insights & Strategy at Eyeview, a video marketing technology company. He is responsible for leading and executing custom advanced TV solutions for Eyeview’s retail, CPG, auto and travel clients.

Brian is a seasoned executive with nearly 20 years of media research experience in cable, digital and broadcast television. He has extensive experience in generating cross-platform media and consumer insights in directing senior leadership decision making around content creation and monetization, marketing, scheduling and ad sales strategy.

Prior to his role at Eyeview, Brian served as Senior Vice President of Audience & Purchaser Insights at TiVo. Brian has held multiple roles at NBCU cable and distribution units and began his career at Paramount Domestic Television supporting sales strategy for UPN and syndicated programming.

Brian is a graduate of Queens College and has a Masters in Media Studies from The New School.  He lives in Rockland County with his wife and three children.


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