Cheetah Mobile Launches Cheetah Ads, Cheetah Open Feed


Cheetah Mobile Inc., the world’s 4th app developer, released two new corporate developments at Millennial 20/20 and Mobile World Congress.

At Millennial 20/20, Cheetah announced it has launched Cheetah Ads, its newly rebranded mobile advertising business. Cheetah Ads unifies Cheetah Mobile’s strengths in utility apps and mobile content under a single name with a strong focus on bringing vertical video ads to every kind of mobile moment.

Cheetah Ads offers diverse, global reach with over 600 million users from 200+ countries across Cheetah Mobile’s owned and operated inventory, including News Republic,, Clean Master, and CM Security, and partner apps, such as

Cheetah Ads places full screen vertical video ads for the wide range of user contexts–-from pre-social moments like AppLock, where brands can reach users before they unlock their favorite social apps to in-social activity within influencer-powered apps like and, personalized content moments in News Republic, and utility moments in apps like Clean Master.

“Cheetah Mobile’s success with utility apps has provided the breakthrough needed to expand into the content and AI realms and take our business to the next level with attractive vertical video through Cheetah Ads,” stated Arther Wu, Senior Director of Monetization and Business Operations at Cheetah Mobile (pictured top left).

At Mobile World Congress, Cheetah Mobile launched Cheetah Open Feed content-sharing platform, which allows app publishers and OEMs to embed news content feeds provided by Cheetah Mobile’s leading news aggregation app, News Republic, into their apps and mobile operating systems.

The first-of-its-kind platform provides OEMs and app developers with open access to licensed content from 2,300 of the world’s top media, Cheetah Mobile’s AI-driven content personalization technology and one of Cheetah Mobile’s best-performing monetization scenarios. COF is an innovative way for OEMs to differentiate their mobile devices, and for app developers to generate new premium traffic, new revenue, and new engagement.

“COF is the first time that Cheetah Mobile has given other industry players access to its premier content products, which can help OEMs create differentiated features, and help developers better monetize their apps,” said Johnny Li, Vice President of International Business Development at Cheetah Mobile. “This is not only the first time that Cheetah Mobile has opened up its valuable content stream from News Republic, which we acquired last year for $63 million, it is also the first time that Cheetah Mobile has opened up one of our best-performing monetization scenarios to create a win-win situation and contribute to the mobile ecosystem as a whole.”

The feed provides users with access to more than 100,000 articles, 40,000 images and 2,500 videos per day from News Republic’s 2,300 media partners in 47 countries and 43 languages. News Locker also makes sure that users see the content they want by leveraging Cheetah Mobile’s deep learning and big data-driven content-recommendation technology.

A report by Cheetah Lab, Cheetah Mobile’s mobile internet-focused research institute, shows that integrating content feeds into utility apps can increase revenue and app usage rates. Cheetah Mobile has seen a significant increase in revenue from its utility apps since embedding them with News Republic content feeds. Through COF, now all OEMs and app developers have the opportunity to duplicate Cheetah Mobile’s success and provide innovative and engaging user experiences.

Cheetah Mobile has become one of the top app developers with over 612 million monthly active users worldwide, most of whom are from the under-30 mobile generation. The company employs over 2,500 people globally with more than 50% of them in engineering and research and development.


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