AffinityAnswers Expands to Germany, UK; AppsFlyer’s New Analysis Tool; SourceMedia Adds Data-Driven Products; more…


AffinityAnswers Expands to The UK and Germany.

AffinityAnswers, which created the first platform for predictive branding – achieved through proprietary mutual affinity algorithms that measure active social engagement data across 60,000 brands and 400 million people worldwide, announced it has expanded its offerings to the UK and Germany programmatic data markets.

AffinityAnswers analyses hundreds of millions of reciprocal, highly interactive social media activities (such as commenting, posting photos and videos, etc.) between brand audiences on social media, and then reports on which brand’s fans have the highest affinity for other brands, across all categories. By scoring any cookie- or device ID-based audience according to social engagement (aka “act-a-like” modeling) the company can predict which audiences will be receptive to any particular brand and are therefore more likely to respond favorably than the average consumer to their messaging and advertising. AffinityAnswers enables branding at scale through these high-performing “act-alike” segments available for programmatic activation across video and display, social, or TV advertising.

At launch, AffinityAnswers is offering about 150 pre-populated audience segments based on European data in major industry categories such as:

* Apparel & Accessories,

* Automotive,

* Consumer Products,

* Electronics,

* Financial Services,

* Entertainment,

* Food & Beverages,

* Retail and Travel.

In the UK and Germany this proprietary mutual affinity data will available through Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, MediaMath, and The Trade Desk, among other leading demand side platforms. Clients can get customized audience segments within three to six weeks.

“In our early testing, we helped an automotive dealership achieved 10x scale in targeted DMAs with minimal ad completion rate degradation; a new dairy-free yogurt brand targeted proxy affinity segments for a new product launch with a 70% increase in ad completion rates; and a gaming console conquest a competitor’s fans via an affinity segment to increase purchase intent by 9.1% as measured by Nielsen,” says Sree Nagarajan AffinityAnswers’ CEO (pictured top left) . “Marketers in Europe have never had access to this kind of data that predicts how likely a consumer is to engage compared to the average consumer by uncovering relationships between brands that no one knew existed.”

The company plans to expand to other European nations later this year.


AppsFlyer Launches Pivot, A New Analysis Tool Aimed at Repealing and Replacing Marketers’ Reliance on Excel.

AppsFlyer, a mobile attribution and marketing data analytics company whose mission is to make the marketing industry more measureable, announced the launch of Pivot, a new reporting interface that allows marketers to save time and effort by delivering highly-customizable marketing data analysis from within the AppsFlyer analytics dashboard. Pivot’s drag-and-drop interface provides marketers with immediate answers to many of their most complex questions, analyzing up to 100,000 rows of aggregated data with increased speed and efficiency, reducing the need for offline tools like Microsoft Excel.

“Since the early days of the PC, marketers have relied on basic tools like Microsoft Excel to analyze data, and today many remain dependent on these same tools,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-founder of AppsFlyer (pictured top left). “Pivot gives marketers the ability to take data into their own hands, so they can work faster, collaborate smarter and discover deeper insights without an over-dependence on tools that can waste business’ time and resources.”

Pivot provides marketers with access to nearly all of their mobile attribution and marketing analytics data and KPIs, allowing for deep, custom analysis right from the AppsFlyer dashboard. The easy-to-use interface allows marketers to customize every element, including rows, columns, dimensions, groups and filters. Teams can edit, clone, save, customize and share Pivots with ease, providing marketers with newfound insight, speed and flexibility.

“For any marketer, one of the biggest challenges is standardizing and aligning front-end and back-end data for the purpose of making spend optimizations and decisions,” said James Peng, Head of Mobile and Social Acquisition at Match Group. “Pivot makes our ad network optimization process about 10% faster, and our typical day-to-day activities reviewing trends and performance activities more efficient by about 15%. We use insights from Pivot for a wide range of efforts, from dashboarding to fraud checks to campaign optimization. This tool is valuable for the industry and has allowed us to shift our attention from piecing together data from our ad networks to acting directly on the insights that should be sourced at the genesis of the data, the attribution provider, to begin with.”

Pivot enables marketers to conduct a number of analyses, including:

Media Cost Analysis: Benchmark cost and ROI performance by media source across apps and geographies to optimize budget allocation.

Deep Campaign Analysis: Marketers can build custom funnels and filters to get a complete picture of the campaign performance parameters that matter to each team, app or business.

Activity + Retention Insights:
Mix and match different KPIs such as activity and retention in a single Pivot to find the optimal mix of marketing-driven user acquisition vs. existing user retargeting.

Numerous brand advertisers, marketers and developers took part in the Pivot beta program, including The Telegraph, Gett, SkyScanner and more. Pivot by AppsFlyer is now available as a premium feature to all AppsFlyer customers.

SourceMedia Launches Four Advanced Data Driven Products to Solve Complex Marketing Challenges through Application of Intelligent Data, Technology and Innovation.

SourceMedia — a diversified digital B2B media company serving senior decision-makers in finance, technology and healthcare, unveiled the first of a series of major product developments slated to launch this year: An advanced set of data targeting solutions and SourceCode>, a strategic team that consults with clients to solve complex marketing challenges using SourceMedia’s intelligent data, analytics and insights.

The launch of these data-driven solutions, along with the introduction of the SourceCode> strategic communications team, comes as SourceMedia accelerates the expansion of its digital and technology marketing capabilities backed by an advanced data science and machine learning utility known as a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

SourceCode>, taps directly into SourceMedia proprietary, first-party, audience data and subject matter expertise to engineer integrated marketing solutions that effectively connect clients with their target market, in order to deliver business results.

The four advanced data targeting solutions announced today are:

SourceSelect: A leading-edge, account-based marketing solution that engages and qualifies intent-based audience segments through BrandGen activities leveraging intelligent data, content, banner, native and social strategies.

A first-party audience extension solution that targets its powerful user with ad creative beyond the SourceMedia network – with zero waste.

SourceCore: A first-party audience segmentation solution that targets intent-based audience segments on our owned and operated sites.

SourceDirect: A programmatic-direct solution that allows advertisers to import their own data segments to SourceMedia audiences on our owned and operated sites.

“Today, through its communities, both online and offline, SourceMedia collects over 3.5 trillion data points annually, and that number continues to grow,” said Matthew Yorke, media and marketing industry veteran and SourceMedia’s newly recruited CMO (pictured above left). “SourceMedia has quietly built a powerful marketing technology platform that, through Intelligent Data, we are applying to solve client challenges and accelerate client business performance.”

The SourceMedia CDP analyzes verified first-party data that has been reinforced with relevant third-party data, reconciling it against every user touchpoint and across multiple databases. The result is a Single Source ID that enables direct insight into each user’s content consumption patterns and behaviors. This allows SourceMedia to provide unparalleled personalization and targeting to decision-makers and influencers in key audience segments — at every stage of the purchasing path.

“Our greatest asset is our audience and the more we know, the more value we create,” said AnnMarie Wills, VP of Audience and Data. “The data management technology category is changing rapidly. SourceMedia is ahead of the curve with our investments in this emerging technology and in the resources necessary to squeeze out every bit of value.”

Audience insights enable SourceCode> to deliver integrated solutions that inform clients’ content strategy with better and more engaging assets in multiple media; drive qualified leads further down the sales funnel and closer to point of sale; and move the needle on brand favorability and awareness.


Ad Serving, Direct Deals and OTT Drive SpotX’s 2016 Growth.

Video inventory management platform SpotX today released its full year 2016 growth figures, noting significant growth from its advanced ad serving and over-the-top (OTT) video business streams.

The Denver-based company, which significantly expanded its footprint in Asia Pacific and Europe in the past year, saw media spend transacted through its platform grow 33% year on year in 2016. Headcount grew 26% year on year and the number of media owners using SpotX’s platform increased by 56%.

This growth shows an expanding and more strategic use of the principles of programmatic in video, with the use of automated inventory management expanding to tag-based direct deals between media owners and advertisers. SpotX’s modern ad serving platform blends programmatic and direct deals, giving media owners a single platform to manage all demand sources.

“We’re seeing a continuing expansion and sophistication of automated monetization in the video space as media owners look for ways to maximize their video yield,” said Mike Shehan, CEO and Co-Founder of SpotX (pictured above left). “Around the globe, media owners are looking to advanced ad server technology and a blend of transaction styles to get the most out of their precious video assets. These trends have driven shifts within our business towards more private marketplaces and direct deals, as well as growth in new areas such as Curated Marketplaces and connected TV.”

SpotX’s Growth Milestones – FY 2016

● Signed over 300 publishers in 2016 (a 56% year-on-year increase), including names such as Microsoft Casual Games, Thomson Reuters, Mediacorp, Meredith Local Media Group, PBS, Gameloft, Newsy, Xumo, Anypoint Media, MLB Advanced Media, FOX Deportes, AccentHealth, Cheetah Mobile, Playwire, VICE, TMG, Time Inc, International Business Times, Dingit, Discovery, G+J.

● New offices opened in Belfast, Stockholm and Singapore, bringing the number of offices to 10 around the globe.

● Headcount grew to 345 globally, a 26% year-on-year increase.

● Full integration across all CTV devices, with publishers using SpotX to monetize over 50 types of connected devices, including Amazon, Apple, Roku, Google, Sony, Vizio, gaming consoles and other CTV devices. In FY 2016, SpotX recorded a 110% year-on-year increase in the number of CTV publishers on its platform.

● In a landmark deal with targeted linear TV advertising service Anypoint Media, SpotX brought household-level addressability to linear TV to the Asia Pacific region for the first time.

● New product releases included enhanced mobile app data and monetization options, advances in user rights management, outstream ad unit enhancements, increased functionality and reporting for programmatic direct campaigns, Universal AdOS, a DirectAdOS SDK, and improved viewability and geo targeting capabilities.

Stats from RTL Report

● Since early 2015, we have signed over 260 new publishers in Europe – 82 out of our DACH operation, 73 managed by SpotX BLX, and further 105 publishers coming from the UK or other parts of Europe. This brings SpotX’s total number of European accounts to over 260 to date.

● As of the end 2016, SpotX had 18 people in London, 12 in Hamburg, 2 in Munich, 19 in Benelux & Nordic region, 16 in Belfast, 3 in Stockholm, 9 in Singapore and 6 in Sydney. This is up from a handful of people in London when RTL Group acquired a majority stake in SpotX in August 2014.

About SpotX

SpotX is a video inventory management platform providing premium publishers and broadcasters with monetization tools for desktop, mobile and connected devices. The platform features modern ad serving and programmatic enablement technology, and other monetization tools, including outstream video ad units and solutions for connected TV. SpotX gives publishers the control, transparency and actionable insights needed to understand buyer behavior, manage access and pricing, and maximize revenue. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and has offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hamburg, Belfast, and Singapore. In July 2014, European entertainment network RTL Group acquired a 65% stake in SpotX.

Jenny Jones Joins Telmar North America as VP/Business Development & Client Services

Telmar, a company pioneering advertising and media planning software, announced that Jenny Jones (pictured left), a longtime Nielsen and RealityMine executive, has joined Telmar North America as VP/Business Development & Client Services for Canada. Based in Toronto, CA, Ms. Jones will report to Anna Fountas, President of Telmar North America.

“The complexity of consumers’ daily lives puts pressure on marketers to utilize many data sets to understand their behaviors. This provides an unprecedented challenge that Telmar can solve,” said Ms. Jones. “As an independent solutions provider, Telmar offers advertisers the broadest access to data in a single platform for quick and easy insights for targeting and media planning.”

“Jenny knows firsthand what planners need, and she has experienced the differences between Telmar and competing systems,” said Anna Fountas, President of North America at Telmar. “For over two decades, Jenny has worked on all sides of research. She knows data and systems as well as media planning issues from the client, agency, media and research areas – and she’s known and respected throughout the media business.”

Ms. Jones comes to Telmar from RealityMine, where she had been VP Media Client Service for the past year. During this time, she was involved with RealityMine’s TouchPoints study – which tracks respondents’ activities throughout the day – working with the Telmar system. Before RealityMine, she was Director, Client Service & Sales at IPSOS and before that, held a number of senior positions with Nielsen IMS including Director, Sales and Client Service. Earlier in her career she worked with Vividata, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Harris Media Systems Limited. She holds a BA degree from Western University.

“When people see how they can easily and effectively use Telmar systems to create customer profiles and media plans, they want it,” said Ms. Jones. “As the media landscape in Canada grows and changes, we can expand and adapt with it, because we’re supplying the platform to pull meaningful answers more rapidly and reliably from all the data.”

About Telmar

Telmar provides strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers. Over 25,000 users across 100 countries use Telmar systems to analyze thousands of consumer and media data sets to assess target markets, audience reach and frequency, and media performance. Data sets can be either syndicated data to which rightful access has been granted by the data supplier, or customers’ own proprietary data. Telmar provides data integration services which support fix fusion, ascription, and Telmar’s leading data integration technique: MultiBasingTM. Telmar’s platform of systems are cloud based with applications available via desktop browsers and iOS mobile. API web services are available for access to Telmar analytic engines to support customer custom needs.



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