TV ACR (Automatic Content Recognition): Do you recognize what it can do?


With TV ad spending totaling $70.60 billion in 2016, one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers is how to maximize the potential of their ads and get the best ROI. And with the influx of Smart TVs on the market that have this technology installed, ACR is gearing up to play a major role in driving that ROI. Viant has issued a whitepaper, An Introductory Guide to TV ACR Technology, that will help you get up to speed.

What You Should Know

* ACR is the technology that captures and identifies content across internet connected devices, such as smart TVs, phones, laptops, and tablets (e.g. what powers Shazam).

* Using ACR technology, smart TV manufacturers are able to create personalized viewing experiences by providing viewers with content recommendations based on the current program they’re watching, receive episode bios, and more.

* Major manufacturers comprise roughly 83% of the smart TV market while mid-level manufacturers make up just 13% of the smart TV market according to IHS Inc. (2016). On top of this, just 38% of these mid-level manufacturers send ACR data to solution providers.

* ACR technology can be powered by video fingerprinting, which only requires a user opt in to data collection and that the TV is turned on, or audio fingerprinting, which allows the mobile device to listen to the TV to identify what is being viewed.

A Look Inside:



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