The AppsFlyer Performance Index


Looking forward to Mobile World Congress? So are we! In anticipation, AppsFlyer has announced the release of the 2017 Mobile World Congress Edition of The AppsFlyer Performance Index. The Index is an industry standard media report card.

AppsFlyer technology is found on 98 percent of the world’s smartphones. In this edition of the Performance Index the company analyzed six billion app installs and 22 billion app sessions/app opens. They have determined rankings for North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, North Pacific Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Some highlights from the report include:

Gaming – Key Findings

Facebook holds at #1 – The social giant continued to dominate mobile advertising, landing at the top spot across all regions – on both Android and iOS.

Apple makes an entrance – Apple’s new ad platform shows strong potential, with the 3rd best retention score in iOS North America.

Taptica moves op – The mobile network surged 17 spots in the iOS Power Ranking to reach #7, and 13 spots in retention to land at the #4 spot.

Video delivers engaged gamers – Mobile video continues to be a powerful way to engage potential gamers with a 23% higher retention score than the global median retention score; video networks Vungle, Unity Ads and AdColony reached the #4, 5 and 6 spots respectively in the iOS Power Ranking.

iOS shows scale
– Despite Android’s far larger market-share, the top 30 media sources on iOS delivered roughly half of all gaming app installs driven by paid media.

Non-Gaming – Key Findings

Google means business – The search giant held their #2 position in the Power Rankings globally with massive scale and great retention. Regionally, Google came in #2 across the board on Android and in most regions on iOS.

Twitter proves power of app install ads – They climbed three places to hit the #3 spot in the global Android Power Ranking thanks to their first place retention score, and also showed strong performance delivering volume and valuable users on iOS.

StartApp moving up – The ad network climbed 4 places to hit an impressive 4th place in the Android Power Ranking, and jumped 10 places all the way to a second best retention score.

iOS and Android media performance is very close – The average Power Rankings and retention scores on both iOS and Android were roughly the same. Android however, had 7x more non-gaming installs than iOS thanks to their stronger market share.

Global rules but regional also making a mark – The index is dominated by the larger global media sources because they have greater scale which is needed to achieve statistical validity. This gives them an advantage. However, niche and local networks – such as Yandex In Eastern Europe, MoBrain in LATAM, and tyroo in India – are also delivering great results.



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