Stalled At Install: AppLift on Just Why Re-Engagement Matters


AppLift, a mobile advertising technology company, has created an infographic showcasing why re-engagement matters and how marketers need to move beyond the install.

Stalled at install? Installs don’t necessarily reflect the success of an app nor does it guide user engagement, so app marketing efforts are becoming increasingly focused on engaging and retaining customers.

Based on its proprietary data and Google research, AppLift’s infographic reveals that on average, globally, users spend:

112 mins per day on mobile internet with an average share of time spent in-app vs mobile web per day for US adults (85.7% in-app vs. 14.3% mobile web).

4-5 hours on mobile per day with global app revenues projected growth to be $188.9 billion by 2020.

36 apps installed on an average user’s mobile device.

23% of users abandon an app after the initial install.



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