Idomoo: Empowering Dynamic Video Ads on Facebook


To explore ways to effectively use dynamic video ads on Facebook, Adotas talked with Danny Kalish, Founder and CTO (pictured below) of Idomoo.

Q: What are the main challenges that advertisers face with video on Facebook?

A: It’s becoming increasingly difficult to grab the attention of users online, let alone to hold it. Video is a known and proven way to engage users, but it is typically limited to broadcast mode communications, meaning all users view the same video content. This means that video has not been able to leverage the benefits of programmatic advertising and therefore suffers from relatively poor targeting.

For smaller advertisers, video advertising has been less relevant for the same reason. The inability to effectively target through a programmatic approach has meant that the ROI on video campaigns was tougher to justify, effectively excluding smaller advertisers from the video advertising ecosystem on Facebook. In addition, the barriers to entry are high since producing a video can be costly, let alone producing many variants of a video.

We solve these challenges by enabling advertisers to easily reuse existing video assets to create a Dynamic Video campaign, and to fully leverage the potential of video advertising through a programmatic creative approach that works seamlessly with Facebook’s ad platform.

Q: How do dynamic videos on Facebook work, from creation to deployment?

A: Idomoo’s PVaaS platform enables marketers to easily create dynamic video ads that are hyper-targeted at specific audiences on Facebook. Advertisers can define their audience on Facebook as they always did, but instead of showing the same video ad unit to the entire audience, our integration with the Facebook API enables them to automatically match different video ad units to each user, based on defined criteria such as age, gender, location, interests, groups, device, etc. The set-up on our platform is quick and easy. Advertisers can leverage existing video assets, campaign management continues to be managed directly on the Facebook platform and campaign maintenance and optimization are also simple to perform. Launching a dynamic video campaign on Facebook now requires roughly the same level of effort as launching a regular video campaign.

Q: How effective are dynamic video ads on Facebook?

A: While these are still early days, the results of our first few campaigns have been nothing short of spectacular. Dynamic video ads are outperforming standard video ads in a very significant way. Dynamic video ads have achieved a 5X uplift on CTR, a 4X uplift on brand recall and conversion rates of above 50%. These results are further improved with more granular hyper-targeting. For example, drilling down to ZIP code level localization improves the CTR uplift to 6.5X over generic video ads by the same advertiser.

Q: How do you see dynamic video ads evolving over the course of the next year or two?

A: All forms of content have gone through a transition that has made them more personal and relevant. Text communications have become personalized through mail merge or dynamic keyword Insertion; graphic communications have become personalized through dynamic remarketing or dynamic websites. Video is now undergoing the same transition and, like other forms of content before it, this transition will make it more accessible as a channel to smaller advertisers due to the easier deployment and clearer ROI. We therefore expect to see mid-market advertisers embracing dynamic video advertising en masse, aided by our continuous efforts to simplify the process of creating, launching and maintaining dynamic video ads on Facebook. In addition, our PVaaS platform will continue to support new video formats such as 360 video and VR.

For more information on dynamic videos, click here.

About Danny Kalish, CTO and Co-founder of Idomoo

Before founding Idomoo, Danny was the CTO of Unipier (from 2004 to 2009) where he defined innovative products and services from concept to fruition while turning real customers’ needs and pains into successful solutions. Following Unipier’s acquisition by Flash Networks Danny joined Flash as its VP of Strategy.

Previously, Danny was the Co-Founder and CTO of Niragongo from 2000 to 2004 which was merged with Unipier.

Before founding Niragongo, Danny was the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Interbit T&C Ltd., the first Java SW house in Israel which was acquired by Emet Computing Ltd.

Danny holds an MBA in Finance and Management of Technology from Tel-Aviv University and a BSc degree in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, both cum laude.


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