Hitwise Launches Next-Gen AudienceView


Hitwise has rolled out its next-generation AudienceView platform, which integrates data from its panel of eight million web users, tracking behavior across 20 million websites and 500 million search terms in the US and reports on over 60,000 consumer characteristics. A new Hitwise partnership with Simmons’ 8.5 million person panel yields survey research data sets that enables marketers to get very granular insights about likes, interests, and attitudes.

To understand what this might offer marketers, publishers, and agencies, ADOTAS sat down with Sam Bloom (pictured below), General Manager – Interactive, at Dallas-based Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media (CMSS). CSMM works with some of the top brands in travel, financial services, entertainment, and casual dining like Southwest Airlines, TurboTax, AMC Theaters and 7-11.

Q: While in the past companies have been able to track online traffic patterns of their competitors with Hitwise and other companies, they haven’t been able to understand the nuances of the audiences that visited their competitors. What does AudienceView now do that is a game-changer?

Bloom: AudienceView yields survey research data sets that enable marketers to get very granular insights about likes, interests, and attitudes. It’s a go-to tool for those types of insights.

Q: What do you like about getting rich digital data?

Bloom: I find that the digital behaviors tell you more than a survey because it’s what consumers are actually doing, not what they tell you they’re doing. With Hitwise we get data on demographics, psychographics, socioeconomics, seasonality and cross-visitation with competitor sites. The segments you can use to build an audience in AudienceView, frankly you can’t get anywhere else. Hitwise also identifies how Camelot’s client’s audiences are different than their client’s competitors. Hitwise reports help our team understand where the opportunity lies. What I like about it is that you get an objective view of what’s happening. It’s a healthy data set that everyone feels good about.

Q: How does last week’s data make the current week more predictable?

Bloom: The first thing I do on Monday morning is come in and look at the Hitwise data for what happened the prior week. I want to understand what our client’s competitors are doing, what our share of the business is, and what’s causing a shift in the category. With insights from Hitwise we are able to track trademark keywords to gauge our client’s brand health and determine if competitors are picking up their search traffic. Oftentimes the question is, ‘Well, what we are going do about it?’ Hitwise gives us good answers to that question.

Q: Can you give me an example?

Bloom: The idea for one of our client’s best targeting strategies wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t dug into the Hitwise data. That’s where a lot of our ideation starts – with the data set. We ask questions in the data… what’s similar or different between our clients and their competitors? That help us understand where we should focus and scale our efforts. We look through a lot of data to re-engineer what our client’s competitors are doing. Also, Hitwise helps us understand and source traffic that converts which is important because we try to spend our dollars in the places where it matters most, against the audiences that matter most.



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