Social Native: Tapping the Gig Economy to Solve the Content Supply Problem

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Social Native Redefines How Brands Create Content With The Power of Many.

Social Native, a platform for creating content on demand has officially moved out of stealth mode by announcing their technology platform built to reimagine the antiquated creative process by tapping into the power of the gig economy.

Social Native’s SaaS platform connects brands with global content creators to create high performing, cost-efficient branded content on demand. Chief Executive Officer David Shadpour (pictured left) explains: “According to Intuit, 40% of American workers will be independent contractors by 2020. The trend towards a ‘gig economy’ has enabled companies like Uber & Airbnb to reinvent age-old industries like transportation & hospitality.”

Joining David on the executive team are Co-Founder of Buddy Media, acquired by Salesforce for $745M, Jeff Ragovin & Co-Creator of AdSense, acquired by Google for $104M, Eytan Elbaz. With Jeff’s track record of creating high growth SaaS businesses & Eytan’s history of building scalable technology platforms, the team has reimagined the creative process. “We mapped out 396 human touch points in the creative development process; then we automated them” explains Eytan, Social Native Chief Strategy Officer.

14 Million of the World’s Top Content Creators

There are 2.5 billion smartphones on this planet with high-resolution cameras. Social Native evaluated billions of people and identified the top 14 million content creators in the world. The technology profiles these creators based on historical content performance, demographics, brand affinities and interests, to automate the pairing of brands with epic creators. The result, a content engine that produces a wide array of branded content, on demand.

Over the past three years alone, content consumption grew by 713% according to KPCB. Marketers are increasingly looking for ways to maintain mindshare without increasing costs.

“Brands need to adjust to the pace of content creation in a socially driven world. Operating with speed, & cost-effectively. Yet they can’t afford to do it at the expense of great, authentic creative. Very few content creation models are able to answer that dilemma. Social Native does. Brilliantly,” says Emmanuel Seuge, a 20-year marketing veteran, prior SVP of Content at Coca-Cola and now, founder of Cassius.

Social Native content has had a direct impact on ROI.

“When we started using Social Native content across eCommerce, we earned a 180% lift in sales. Consumers need authentic personalized content that evokes an emotion. Brands need a cost-effective content engine. Social Native is the solution,” says Aaron Paine, Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy for Polaroid.

Coca-Cola & Polaroid join 50 other blue-chip brands that have partnered with Social Native to create high performing content on demand.