Mobbo’s Power Index: Who’s Leading in the Mobile Attribution Space?


Attribution enables marketers to measure their promotional activities by pinpointing which sources, channels, publishers, campaigns and creative variations led users to install an app, and which did not. Armed with this knowledge, marketers are able to efficiently allocate their budget. An attribution SDK is therefore a must-have component of any mobile app tech stack.

Mobbo just released its Power Index, which offers app publishers and marketers robust benchmarks of mobile app SDK components, helping them to make informed decisions about the best technology stacks. The report, titled “The State of Mobile Attribution,” sheds light on the scale and performance of popular SDK components and tracks the movers and shakers in the mobile industry.

Key Findings

· 80% of “Top 500 Overall” ranked apps on iOS, have implemented an attribution SDK, which seems to have become a must-have component of any mobile app tech stack.

· AppsFlyer dominates with 60% Android market share and 50% iOS market share globally, followed by Adjust with 24% and 26%, and Tune with 10% and 9%, respectively.

· When isolating Android apps with over 10 million installs, we see a tighter race with AppsFlyer still leading the pack, although by a smaller margin with 35% of the market, followed by Adjust with 29% and Tune with 22%.

This research has been conducted after studying a database of over 2 million analyzed apps, and 1,000 SDK components scanned across iOS and Android and all categories, making it the most in-depth study to date.


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