It’s That Time of Year: A Mobile Ad Guide to Capturing Holiday Dollars


Adotas Special: By Richard Kosinski, President and Chief Revenue Officer of MediaBrix (pictured left).

With the holidays fast approaching, two interesting reports highlighted the importance of having a sound mobile ad strategy this holiday season.

Facebook reported that consumers continue to make more purchasing decisions on mobile during the holidays, and a recent study from the National Retail Federation reported that holiday sales can represent more than 20 percent of annual sales for many retailers and this number is poised to grow. With so much consumer attention focused on mobile devices this , holiday marketers need to do all they can to all they can to ensure that their messages are received with joy and not sadness this season. It’s not too late to make sure your mobile holiday strategy does just that.

Marketers need to understand that mobile devices are different from television and even online desktop platforms, so the brand approach must be different, too.

With mobile, the 30-foot engagement has been compressed to 13 inches; with mobile devices helping users throughout the day for both professional and personal use. With close to 50 percent of all digital time being spent in apps according to Comscore (US Mobile App report, 2016) consumers spend a lot of time with their mobile devices. I’d argue that this percentage is actually higher during the holidays as users are either traveling; taking advantage of some much needed downtime; or looking for an escape from madness that is the holidays. This offers marketers a unique opportunity to engage and delight their audience and stand out. Here are some less obvious mobile strategies to help your brand take advantage of this incredible & engaging platform:

Consider the Format.

Understand your user and how they interact with use their mobile device. If a user keeps the device in a vertical format, don’t serve them a horizontal ad — even if you’re convinced the creative is so good, they’ll “want to turn their phone.” A horizontal full-page mobile ad for users who don’t turn their phone is a wasted impression. Worse, it’s likely to be perceived as disruptive and annoying to the very consumer you’re trying to impress! In a recent user study we conducted measuring neuro (brain) activity and biometrics, MediaBrix found that 66 percent of consumers didn’t take the time to turn their mobile device to view a horizontal mobile ad. Make sure your ad format is appropriately set for the user and the application.

Find the Right Moment to Tap into Consumer Interests.

Yes, targeting a tailored message the right demographic and interest is important but so is curating the right moments to tap into a consumer’s passion points.

For instance, if you’re a beauty brand, and you know your consumer spends a lot of time in photo editing apps (check out: Perfect365), consider the right moment to approach them to complement their interests. If a user is browsing the new photo filters and decides against spending money on the premium filter, your brand can engage the user at that exact point in time offer the filter in exchange for engaging with your ad message. You’re assured of reaching the right audience and standing out from other brands by adding value to their experience when they’re engaged and receptive to receiving your message. Other great mobile moments with which your brand can align:

Milestones: when a user accomplishes a major achievement in an app, like logging 10,000 steps in an activity tracker or beating a tough level in a game

Roadblocks: when a user is stuck and likely to abandon the app

Abandoned purchase: when a user decides against an in-app purchase

Consider Your Goals and Measure Accordingly. At the end of the day, you want your holiday ads to ensure a consumer thinks fondly of you when they’re in the aisles – physically or digitally – rather than thinking back to how annoying and disruptive your ad was. As such, your advertising strategy shouldn’t focus on scoring high with metrics like click-through-rates and impressions. Those won’t help you come out on top during the holiday rush. Your advertising should aim for driving brand equity metrics as well as including measurements that correlate more closely with sales such as:

Brand recall
– they’ll remember your brand when they’re making purchase decisions

Brand sentiment – they’ll think of you favorably when they do

Purchase intent – the last piece of the puzzle before sales

Quantifying these metrics will ensure your ad message is a positive experience for the consumer. Most partners can offer these types of surveys as part of your media investment.

The holidays are an intense season of advertising, with emotionally driven purchase decisions, so making sure your advertising is being received in the right light is critical. Moreover, these principles are important year round, so keep them in mind as you start thinking to plan for the year ahead!

ABOUT Richard Kosinski
Richard Kosinski is the President and Chief Revenue Officer of MediaBrix, the mobile ad platform delivering emotionally charged brand connections that maximize consumer
receptivity during mobile advertising experiences.


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