Positive Mobile’s Q3 2016 Report: Mobile Video Goes CPG


With consumer packaged goods (CPG) now 49.9% of in-feed mobile video ad impressions, up from 42.6% in Q2, 34.5% in Q1 and 16.5% in Q4 2015, in-feed mobile video can take pride in proving its efficacy in the most research-driven product category and is ready to pull ad dollars from TV.

As the song goes, “summertime and the livin’ is easy.” And indeed it was, as beverages, snacks and food service grew, according to data from Q3 2016 generated by the campaigns run by Positive Mobile, the mobile video SSP. The ad impressions being analyzed are in-feed mobile video ads which are video ad units that reside natively in the mobile feed.

“The significant data point in our Q3 report is that consumer packaged goods mobile video ads are crossing the tipping point at 49.9 percent of all in-feed mobile video views, up from 42.6 percent in Q2, 34.5 percent in Q1 and 16.5 percent in Q4 2015,” said Tzahi Stein, CEO & founder, Positive Mobile (pictured top left). “Digital video has been chasing TV, and these latest numbers show that we’re starting to pull ad dollars from TV from consumer packaged goods marketers – some of the most sophisticated advertisers with the largest campaign effectiveness research budgets.”

To put these numbers into perspective, research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC show that mobile video has experienced a 178% growth over the last six months, the largest percentage growth among all ad formats surveyed by the IAB.

Beverages and Snacks: Q3 results really mimicked the patterns of summer, particularly in the CPG ad category, with big increases in the beverages sub-category (up from 37% in Q2 to 54% in Q3) and the snacks sub-category (up from 3.8% in Q2 to 9.1% in Q3) while the food sub-category decreased (from 15.1% in Q2 to 11.3% in Q3).

Retail: In the retail ad category, the food service sub-category leaped from 30% in Q2 to 42% in Q3, a jump which helps explain the decrease in the food sub-category (CPG) mentioned above, as people cook less in the summer.

Back to School and Moving: With summer the peak back to school and moving season, we also saw an increase in the consumer electronics sub-category within retail (up from 7.6% in Q2 to 13.8% in Q3) as shoppers purchased consumer electronic devices, like phones and laptops for school and appliances for their new homes.

(The data presented here is based on in-feed mobile video campaigns, which unlike pre / mid / post-roll, don’t run during video content. In-feed mobile video ads are native placements like in-content video, which deliver high-impact video experiences across all mobile devices.)

Top Mobile Video Advertising Categories in Q3 2016

More Millennial-Targeted Campaigns

Another trend Positive Mobile saw in Q3 is an increase in millennial-targeted campaigns. With Positive Mobile advertising integrated with Nielsen channels, marketers and agencies are able to access rich demographic data and layer demo targeting in order to optimize targeting and campaign ROI.

About Positive Mobile

Positive Mobile, a software company, provides clients with a full-stack mobile video advertising solution, internally developed with patent-pending technology supported by real-time analytics at the impression level and a data layer to better optimize campaigns for higher completion rates and greater viewability. Positive Mobile works with Tier 1 publishers and leading media agencies, trading desks, DSPs and video exchanges serving Fortune 500 advertisers from offices in New York, Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires.


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