IV.AI Partners with VentureFuel to Bring AI to Brands


VentureFuel, Inc., the company focused on accelerating growth of new technology and emerging media companies by forging strategic alliances with Fortune 500 advertisers, announced that it has partnered with IV.AI, the artificial intelligence agency specializing in building smart chatbots and custom AI.

VentureFuel will work with IV.AI to help strengthen its client base and solve brand challenges across all aspects of AI including image recognition, induction algorithms, natural language processing, computational linguistics, predictive analytics for random data, and similar artificial intelligence challenges.

IV.AI data scientists, engineers, strategists, and marketers work with many Fortune 500 companies to solve specific challenges by capitalizing on big data, custom in-house systems, and well-refined algorithms to deliver specific insights and results that impact sales generation, marketing, and ROI for brands.

“VentureFuel solves problems for the largest advertisers in the world through innovation and creativity, which helps us work with more companies than ever before,” said Vince Lynch, Co-Founder of IV.AI (pictured top left). “At its essence, our customized AI uses data to help solve specific problems in innovative ways, helping brands make the most out of every touchpoint including smart chatbots and ROI validation.”

“When most people think of AI, they think of chatbots. While IV.AI is certainly building amazing chatbot experiences, it also understands that the real opportunity is in examining problems from unique perspectives and using that information to creatively drive sales for brands,” said Fred Schonenberg, Founder of VentureFuel (pictured left). “We are thrilled to partner with IV.AI and our extensive brand clients to drive innovation.”


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