Horizontal or Vertical? How branding value is amplified or compromised using different mobile video ad formats


In the world of digital advertising it can seem difficult to know which way is up! But a new study from MediaBrix, Neuro Research – Brand Receptivity in a Mobile Environment, reveals that user engagement is both amplified and more meaningful when the delivery method is a vertical and embedded into the app experience. MediaBrix partnered with Dr. Thomas Ramsoy of Neurons, Inc. and Neuromarketing expert Diana Lucaci of True Impact to conduct research that quantifies how two popular mobile video ad solutions affect key branding metrics, drive user receptivity, human attention and action.

The study tested a standard full page video interstitial (mid-roll) to understand users’ real-time reactions and engagements. It explored:

* How branding value is amplified or compromised using different mobile video ad formats

* How engagement and action, degrees of ad annoyance, and motivation change when compared to different ad delivery methods

* And, if there is a “Race to X” phenomena happening within certain ad formats

What’s Up?

* More than 90/100 of top iOS apps by monthly active users have a fixed vertical orientation

* A recent MediaBrix sample of 1000+ premium apps found 86% designed for vertical use

* Horizontal ads have consumers racing to find the X button

*Nearly 70% of users don’t bother to turn the phone sideways for horizontal ads. Snapchat reports that vertical video ads on its platform garner nine times the completion rates of horizontal video ads.

*In contrast, vertical ads garner 90% completion

To allow brands to take advantage of the power of vertical video, MediaBrix has launched Vertical Video and 360-Degree Experiences across its premium in-app ad platform. “Our mission at MediaBrix has always been to focus on the needs of mobile users and to put the human experience at the center of the ad delivery,” said Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of MediaBrix (pictured top left). “It’s the user’s world we’re entering, and the advertising has to respect it in order to be welcomed. Portrait-style vertical video and 360-degree experiences are vital steps in our goal to prioritize user needs, desires, and habits to drive real mobile engagement.”

MediaBrix Applies Study Results to Their Offerings

“We know that for real brand performance on mobile, format is a critical part of the equation — the more the ad naturally fits into the consumer’s mobile environment, the better the brand will connect with the consumer, said Jeremy Sigel, Global Director, Partnerships & Emerging Media at Essence Digital (pictured left). “That means adapting to the vertical app experience to which consumers are accustomed, and MediaBrix is doing just that with the release of vertical and 360 experiences.”

MediaBrix’s latest move into vertical video utilizes the majority of the screen, as well as immersive 360-degree experiences, allowing brands to present their messaging in the most captivating video forms consumers love. MediaBrix’s extensive network of premium apps will be ready to support brands as they invest more in vertical video and 360 experiences, so brands can get more mileage and quality engagement from their new formats.


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