Attribution Accelerator: Marketers Meeting Nov. 30 to Promote Faster Introduction of Marketing Measurements


Attribution Accelerator event, to be held November 30 in New York, will bring together top industry experts to quicken the pace at which new marketing measurement solutions are brought to market.

Leading advertisers, agencies, media, analytics experts and marketing technologists will gather in New York on November 30th to discuss how to best accelerate the development of marketing measurement innovations needed to enhance advertising ROI.

The Attribution Accelerator forum, which is being organized by Sequent Partners, GreenBook, Time Inc. and Viant, will feature industry-leading experts coming together to help quicken the pace of innovation in marketing measurement, fortify the science being used and galvanize the industry toward new attribution solutions.

Organizers hope to bring a focus to the unique opportunities and challenges that attribution and marketing mix models face today as marketing continues to become more digitally influenced.

Featured speakers will include marketers from companies including Verizon, Citibank, J&J and Weight Watchers, along with leading agencies, media, consultants and adtech and analytics providers. The event is designed to provide attendees with strategies to drive immediate execution and future growth. Critical issues impacting marketing such as ad tech, the digital landscape, and the science of marketing measurement will be addressed

Attribution Accelerator will also feature an Innovator Fair, Chaired by Jane Clarke, MD and CEO of the Coalition For Innovative Media Measurement (pictured left). The Fair will highlight 10 of the top emerging technology companies in marketing measurement currently.

“While we have seen some important advancements in marketing measurement over the past few years, the field has in many ways been reactive” says Alice Sylvester, co-founder of Sequent Partners (pictured top left). “With the pace of those innovations increasing exponentially, we really need a parallel effort in marketing measurement development that doesn’t just react, but anticipates. The hope is this Attribution Accelerator event will lay the groundwork for that effort.”

For more information and a full agenda click here.


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