Revealing Untold Secrets for True Omnichannel Marketing


Okay, okay, I get it, it’s not always easy. True omnichannel marketing requires a top-down approach with a profound dedication to leveraging the best strategies and overseeing complex details to develop a personalized experience with your audience across every channel. It’s also true that many companies are divided into silos (e.g., web, email, call centers, social, mobile), and have a more difficult time collaborating and integrating their efforts to reach omnichannel nirvana.

While many corporate C-suites may not have sufficiently caught up to the value of omnichannel marketing to structure their companies for competitive advantage, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to secure many of the same results. Savvy marketers are already moving in this direction. In fact, according to research conducted by the IAB Data Center of Excellence, a large majority of those surveyed (69.9%) said that managing audience initiatives across their channels will command greater attention in 2016. Companies need to harness the proliferation of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a more cohesive experience for their customers. If they fail to do so, customers suffer and companies lose business.

So, what secrets can marketers leverage to get around these corporate roadblocks? They may be more obvious than you think.

Seek out collaborators

Be an advocate for breaking down silos. Marketers need to seek other like-minded colleagues who understand the value of creating a superior customer experience. Work with these collaborators to gather and manage disparate customer data to create a true knowledge-based approach that benefits from a comprehensive, well-maintained database. Creating a knowledge-based approach helps you understand what your customers are doing when they’re not interacting with your business, who they’re buying from when they’re not buying from you or even understand what kind of relationship they have with your competitors. This data, and knowledge of your current and potential customers, will help you create a more personalized approach that enables you to engage new customers or create greater customer loyalty from existing customers, leading to increased sales.

Don’t take risks with data

Take the time up front to understand that effective omnichannel marketing efforts require a high level of expertise, computing horsepower, security, the right channel choices and a strong sensitivity to consumer privacy. It’s not something you can slap together and hope for the best. Start with good data from your company, as well as from outside trusted sources, to ensure you’re able to recognize your customers regardless of channel and provide the best personalized experience possible. Each channel requires a different approach, so design your efforts with each channel’s characteristics in mind.

Use the right recognition paradigm

Creating a personalized experience for your customer across all of your channels requires compiling data to secure the full spectrum of demographic, socio-economic, psychographic, geographic and lifestyle data from a wide variety of sources. It’s important to work with a trusted data resource that also provides detailed household and life-stage-level clustering and segmentation to help you recognize the most profitable and/or underperforming customer segments. With these attributes in hand, marketers can optimize what they offer and focus on the customer experience by having confidence in the data they reference across any channel.

Marketers understand that customers’ expectations, along with the number of ways they have to engage with a brand, have increased. It’s now more important than ever to leverage an omnichannel approach that’s based on sound knowledge of the customer by working with the best resources to gain competitive advantage. By doing so, marketers are able to reap the benefits that omnichannel marketing provides, including improved brand perception, better customer loyalty, increased sales, more effective data collection and enhanced productivity.


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