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#1 IRIS.TV Responds to Rapid Growth with Three New Hires

Sighting exceptional growth in sales and new product development, IRIS.TV, a video personalization pioneer that enables publishers and marketers to maximize the value of their video inventory by streaming custom programming to individual users across all devices, today announced three new hires, one in engineering and two in account management.

Kyle Raudensky (pictured left) has been named a Software Engineer, working on plugins for a variety of video players and platforms. He reports to Joel Spitalnik, VP Engineering in Los Angeles. Mr. Raudensky is a recent graduate of Bucknell University holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Max Dismore and Katherine Miller have joined IRIS.TV as Account Executives tasked with continuing to help IRIS.TV provide its customers with not only account management, but prescriptive insight to inform smarter video programming decisions.

They both report to Richie Hyden, COO in New York.

Mr. Dismore (pictured second from the top on the left) comes to IRIS.TV from L’Oréal (New York) where he was an Assistant Brand Manager and earlier, a Marketing Assistant in L’Oréal’s Management Development Program.

Before that, he worked for Tesla Motors in Washington DC. Mr. Dismore is a graduate of George Washington University.


Ms. Miller (pictured left) worked at Samek Art Museum (Lewisburg, PA) and The Museum of Modern Art (New York) before she joined IRIS.TV. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Bucknell University.



#2 Trolli Partners with AdTheorent and Celtra to Deliver High-Impact, Brand Consistent Digital Advertising Campaign for Sour Brite Brand.
Campaign delivers on promise of “Cross-Screen” through AdTheorent’s Cross- Environment Map and Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex Format ad unit.

AdTheorent’s CEM enables the Company to attribute activity across all digital environments to a single digital ID (not tied to a user’s identity). This capability, coupled with AdTheorent’s extensive first, second and third-party data (at scale), enhances the effectiveness of targeting. For the Trolli campaign, AdTheorent was pleased to leverage Celtra’s first-to-market Universal Expandable Flex ad format, a true cross-screen unit with adaptive and responsive layouts across all devices and platforms. This innovative ad unit provided users a consistent brand experience across all screens, and AdTheorent’s CEM connected each single user across all environments, allowing for true cross-screen targeting. This effective use of creative, technology and targeting delivered outstanding results for the Sour Brite Brand.

Trolli’s “Crawlers for Brawlers” Sour Brite Campaign:

The primary goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and drive purchases of Trolli’s Sour Brite product line. Additional goals included positioning Trolli as a leader within the non-chocolate categories and expanding Trolli’s already successful “Weirdly Awesome” campaign. With these goals in mind, AdTheorent created an awareness-focused expandable interactive rich media unit using Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format, allowing AdTheorent’s creative team to build one true cross-screen unit with adaptive and responsive layouts that would work consistently across all devices and platforms. The custom unit included an auto-played inline video, as well as a store locator to find the nearest location for product purchase. The unit also included a social integration, giving users the option to share on Twitter a quirky animated GIF or the video they just watched.

“AdTheorent’s Creative team works hard to provide consistent and seamless brand experiences for our clients. Whether it’s in the concept or the execution, these objectives channel our creative focus,” said Yolandi Oosthuizen, AdTheorent’s VP of Creative Services (pictured above). “Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format allowed us to achieve these goals in an efficient manner for Trolli’s cross-screen campaign. We are thrilled that this creative execution, coupled with AdTheorent’s advanced targeting methods, delivered positive results for the Trolli brand.”

The Results: Fueled by Data and Superior Audience Mapping

The Trolli “Crawlers for Brawlers” campaign was very successful across all environments. The campaign’s mobile engagement rate was 1.19%, which is 213% higher than industry average. Desktop also performed well, delivering an engagement rate 57% higher than average. In general, females slightly outperformed males (16% higher engagement). The campaign was geographically diverse from an engagement perspective, which is inline with Trolli’s national targeting goals.

The top five most engaged markets: 1. New York; 2. Georgia; 3. Arizona; 4. Washington; 5. Washington, D.C.

Due to the immersive nature of the creative, as well as superior targeting, secondary engagement was also very strong: mobile delivered a 14.99% secondary engagement rate (39% above industry average) and desktop was 32.02% (196% above industry average).

The top three secondary actions directly supported the initial campaign objectives (driving awareness and purchase):

1. Visiting the product website for more information

2. Sharing the unicorn GIF socially

3. Product locator

“The Trolli brand is all about what’s new and creative self-expression, as evident in our ‘Weirdly Awesome’ campaign and our product lineup,” said Jill Manchester, SVP Marketing and Brand Strategy at Trolli. “We are thrilled to take that same edgy brand mindset into our digital advertising approach and execution. Not only is the creative spot on, but this innovative ad unit coupled with AdTheorent’s ability to identify these device ids and append them with such extensive data for intelligent targeting is unprecedented.”

“We’re thrilled to see Trolli’s success using our creative technology to offer their users a relevant and considered advertising experience. By leveraging their creative assets they were able to communicate a well-crafted and consistent brand story,” said Gefen Lamdan, VP Product, Celtra. “We’re active proponents of building and serving better ad experiences that put the customer first. By combining a well designed user experience and powerful brand story, you can communicate effectively to digital natives in a language tailored to them.”


Move Benefits Premium Advertisers and Further Positions Company as the Cross-Device Partner-of-Choice for Brands Seeking the Most Effective Campaigns Across All Screens.

, a cross-device advertising solution company, announced that it will acquire mydiveo, a global talent discovery platform and creative social network that cultivates discovery and collaboration by providing artists with a mobile portfolio to showcase their talent, for $7.4 million USD. The acquisition is the first among a series that engage:BDR has slated for the remainder of 2016 and early 2017.

engage:BDR’s acquisition of mydiveo benefits brands and agencies that work directly with the company because it now owns and operates the artist network. This allows clients to directly access mydiveo’s premium, highly-engaging ad inventory, extending their reach deeply into a valuable audience: independent music artists and their loyal fans. For instance, auto brands currently working with the company can now activate specialized campaigns aimed at driving awareness or action from bi-coastal millennials passionate about indie electronica bands- with creative designed to leverage their aesthetic leanings and improve engagement. It also benefits mydiveo users because engage:BDR is providing the network with the marketing and technology resources needed to serve them with richer experiences, tools and features.

mydiveo’s current online property will provide engage:BDR with extremely rich, opted-in user data within their video platform, which will be a valuable addition to engage:BDR’s suite of targeting solutions.The acquisition also accelerates engage:BDR’s entree into the smart TV space, as the integrated team is works together to build the company’s first smart TV app. The app will focus on talent discovery content, which is an organic fit for the smart TV device. This adds immense value to video advertisers who will now be able to access this type of inventory. This initiative positions engage:BDR as one the first major advertising players to offer this wholly owned and operated extension directly to their clients.

“Mydiveo’s intelligent leadership, unique social platform offering and rapid growth have been impressive,” stated Ted Dhanik, founder & CEO of engage:BDR (pictured above). “We are excited to offer owned and operated access to the mydiveo brand, as well as contribute the resources needed to ensure its users enjoy the richest experience possible as the network scales and morphs to their needs.”

Launched in 2015, mydiveo raised $4 million in private funding and quickly grew to fill a special void in the marketplace– the desire of millions of musicians and artists to come together to connect, collaborate and engage.

The acquisition also expands engage:BDR’s team through the appointment of mydiveo founders, CEO Driss Ouazzani and CMO Roslynn Cobarrubias.

Ouazzani is a well-known entrepreneur having built Centurion Lifestyles, an exotic car rental company, from the ground up. He is also a partner at CurbStand – a mobile valet service that allows app users to pay from their smartphones before arriving to the venue. At engage:BDR, Ouazzani will continue to serve as CEO of mydiveo.

Before founding mydiveo, Cobarrubias served 10 years as Myspace’s Senior Director, Artist Relations and Director, Integrated Marketing. During her time there, she developed their first go-to-artist strategy and grew from 2 million to 200 million active users, while expanding the hip-hop & R&B community from 126 to more than 2 million artists. Cobarrubias and engage:BDR Founder, Ted Dhanik, met at Myspace, and worked together on a highly successful program that integrated growing artists with top advertisers into innovative marketing campaigns, such as offline live events and original content. At engage:BDR, Cobarrubias will continue to serve as CMO of mydiveo.

Both Cobarrubias and Ouazzani will report directly into Dhanik.

“It is tremendously exciting to become a part of the powerful cross-device media platform engage:BDR has built. There is a true synergy between both companies and we all share a belief that this acquisition will benefit music lovers, tastemakers and artists seeking connections, opportunities and memorable experiences with the brands vying for their attention, engagement and loyalty,” said Cobarrubias.

Ouazzani concurred, adding, “We will continue to grow the services of the mydiveo platform to serve artists and consumers alike with the support of the global engage:BDR team. mydiveo users will immediately see the benefits of this partnership through a rich and engaged community and network, as the number of users and music opportunities continue to scale.”


#4 Digital and Social Media Strategy Expert Bryan Bridges Joins Lumentus.

Seasoned digital and social media marketing strategy expert Bryan Bridges (pictured left) has joined Lumentus as Director of Digital Strategy. In his new role, Bridges will develop integrated digital-first communications strategies and digital reputation management programs for the firm’s clients, with an emphasis on financial and professional services as well as corporate and association clients.

Bridges brings more than 20 years of experience leveraging digital media and technology to drive marketing and communications activities across a range of industries.

“Bryan’s digital expertise, coupled with his experience with traditional strategic communications and public relations, is a powerful combination,” said Laurence Moskowitz, managing partner and chief executive. “He brings the well-rounded perspective and forward-thinking vision to bring true value to clients seeking to connect with their audiences and manage their reputations.”

“I’m excited to join Lumentus,” Bridges said. “Digital reputation management requires a deep understanding of how to optimize digital marketing and social media efforts in close coordination with earned media and paid advertising,” said Bridges. “As a previous Lumentus client, I’ve seen first-hand how the firm’s talented technology and creative teams work together to drive real and lasting results for clients, and I look forward to working with them as a colleague.”

Bridges will work with Lumentus clients, including hedge funds, private equity firms, asset management firms, corporations and associations to promote and protect their digital reputations and market their brands. Lumentus’s digital reputation practice is best known for developing content strategies that create market differentiation, improve investor and public perception, as well as protect against digital attacks, reputational crises, and online fraud.

Bridges joins Lumentus from Burson-Marsteller, where he was a senior director leading social media strategy for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch account. He had previously been in-house in digital marketing roles at financial services firms such as KKR, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, and DLJ. He also has agency-side experience at Brunswick Group and Wieden+Kennedy leading digital engagements for a range of clients, including financial and professional services, pharmaceutical, energy, transportation, non-profit, and consumer packaged goods. He holds a B.A. with honors in Comparative Literature from Columbia University and an M.A. from Rutgers University.


#5 VideoAmp Announces European Expansion and Launches “Automated Audiences” for TV Programmers With RTL Nederland; Company Also Launches Its Advanced TV “ATV” for Advertisers Platform in Europe With IPG’S Cadreon, Smartclip, and RTL’s IP Network.

VideoAmp, the total video platform, today announced the opening of its first European office in Amsterdam. With a software platform that streamlines data and advertising workflow across screens for advertisers and TV programmers, VideoAmp has grown rapidly over the past 18 months, including consecutive 100% quarter-over-quarter growth, and launching innovative new products to be very well positioned in the race to bridge the divide between TV and video.

This latest move by VideoAmp, aided by investor RTL Group, brings the company closer to the growing European market and positions VideoAmp well to meet the growing demands for advanced television solutions for broadcasters and advertisers in the region with immediate scale in inventory and audience reach.

VideoAmp’s Automated Audiences is designed to be used by the digital and TV ad operations/monetization teams at TV broadcasters and video publishers who are distributing to viewers across many platforms. The software-as-a-service platform provides a centralized user interface that works in conjunction with a broadcaster’s primary ad server and supply side platform (SSP), enabling automation of the delivery of audience-based campaigns or guarantees against a certain audience with viewability goals. This type of campaign management is a pain point felt with large programmers and distributors.

RTL Nederland (RTL NL) is a launch partner, whose digital ad technology group is looking to continue to automate and innovate around multi-screen campaigns. RTL NL has several digital TV services that are available to consumers, VideoAmp’s platform will allow them to unify ad inventory from all viewing platforms, execute data driven campaigns, and optimize campaign delivery using real time analytics.

According to Forrester Research, European video advertising spend will grow over the next four years to represent half of all EU online display advertising spend by 2020. The trend is supported by a study issued by IHS, titled “Video advertising in Europe, The Road to Programmatic Ubiquity,” where the European online video programmatic market is set to double by 2020 to approximately EUR1.97 billion.
“We are excited to launch Automated Audiences, our first product aimed at the programmatic ad operations of multi- screen broadcasters. Markets such as the Netherlands and France have very high levels of viewership in catch-up TV environments, as such both agencies and programmers have been very forward thinking in implementing new software to capture value and give consumers more choice,” said Jay Prasad, Chief Business Officer, VideoAmp.

First European Projects

Also this week, VideoAmp is rolling out its advertiser facing software for cross screen video and Advanced TV (ATV) in the Netherlands, France, and the UK. VideoAmp’s ATV and buying platform will give media traders unprecedented optimization tools that allow for drill downs on key performance drivers such as viewability, completion rates, and on target audience rates. This coupled with several preferred inventory connections create a strong launch offering. Cadreon Netherlands is the first trading desk customer to use the “ATV” ad buying and planning platform for programmatic cross screen video.

“The ability to reach a unified audience by applying data and premium inventory via deal IDs seamlessly across mobile, OTT, and web is something we believe to be important to our programmatic business. We are working with VideoAmp as they have created an elegant and full-featured platform that is well suited for our market, brand advertisers, and internal teams. We are excited to be the first self-service users of the VideoAmp EU platform,” said Gerard Moussault, Managing Director, Cadreon Netherlands.

smartclip is a key strategic partner for VideoAmp as well as for the expansion of advanced TV in key EU markets. smartclip, via its SmartX SSP, will connect premium cross-screen video inventory to VideoAmp’s demand clients. The companies further plan to innovate between smartclip’s Addressable TV product and VideoAmp’s Automated Audiences platform.

“VideoAmp offers a sophisticated product in the nascent Advanced TV market, which will play a considerable role in enabling further demand for our SmartX supply partners. At smartclip, we share VideoAmp’s vision of optimizing the buying and planning of digital video on all devices including linear TV,” said Roland Schaber, COO, smartclip.

In Q4, VideoAmp, in collaboration with IP Network, will launch a new pan-European digital offer, available across devices. IP Network, based in Luxembourg, is the international advertising sales house of RTL Group and operates in 12 European countries. IP Network’s portfolio consists of more than 80 TV channels, 25 radio stations, and over 300 digital video and catch-up TV services. Thanks to IP Network’s inventory, a unique and simplified access to powerful premium quality media partners will be accessible to international advertisers and agencies.

“VideoAmp’s ‘ATV’ platform gives us the automation and scale we need to deliver cross border campaigns that can access more than 7 billion ad impressions per month. For example, this fits advertisers in the UK that need to buy in several countries and leverage video and TV inventory, or advertisers in Germany who are looking to run in the UK. We look forward to rolling out this solution in our key markets over the next two quarters,” said Stéphane Coruble, Managing Director, IP Network.

“We have been delighted with the success of our platform in the U.S. and look forward to extending that success into the growing European market. These markets are moving quickly to embrace a ‘four screen’ strategy for TV and Video. Additionally, we will be launching a linear TV buying system later this year along with new inventory partnerships and several agency customers,” said Ross McCray, Co-Founder & CEO, VideoAmp.

About VideoAmp

VideoAmp’s software and data solution enables advertisers to plan, buy, package and measure the success of de-duplicated and precisely targeted campaigns that reach broadcast TV, VOD, OTT, desktop, and mobile audiences. Founded in 2014, VideoAmp is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and the Netherlands. VideoAmp is backed by European TV giant RTL Group and six other top venture capital firms.


#6 SourceKnowledge Institute Launches With First Canadian Data Driven Marketing Certification Program.

Marketing Professionals to Receive a Comprehensive Performance Marketing Education.

Performance advertising technology company SourceKnowledge today announced it has launched a free Data Driven Marketing Certification program, which will be part of the new SourceKnowledge Institute — a self-serve e-learning and platform agnostic interface. The first of its kind in Canada, it empowers enrolled marketers to learn at their own pace.

“Digital marketing has become incredibly complicated, especially with the industry increasingly focusing on measurable performance, and SourceKnowledge Institute’s program will better equip marketers for this changing landscape,” said Patrick Hopf, president and co-founder of SourceKnowledge (pictured above left). “By enrolling, marketers of every skill level will receive a solid understanding of data driven strategy and tactics in order to edge out their competition.”

The Data Driven Marketing Certification program administered by SourceKnowledge Institute focuses on foundational concepts, industry terms, key technologies and industry best practices. The program is divided into six core competencies: Digital marketing fundamentals, measurement and optimization, audience segmentation and analysis, attribution, tag management and macro implementation, ad creative and variant testing models. Each unit was designed by advertising and marketing experts and focuses on both theory and real world applications. Following successful completion of the course material and exam, a certificate is issued to the student to demonstrate their expert level knowledge. The certification also has a LinkedIn badge that can be added to the student’s profile through the SourceKnowledge Institute’s platform.


#7 HIRO Media Unveils New Programmatic Video Content Marketing Engine.
HIRO Is Now Capable of Delivering Branded Video Content Programmatically Across comScore Top 1000 Online Properties.

HIRO Media, a programmatic online video ecosystem, announced a new Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine that is capable of delivering branded video content at scale to comScore’s top 1000 online properties reaching more than 100 million unique viewers. HIRO Media developed its Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine in response to the growing demand for video content marketing solutions, and offers high quality video content, enhanced relevancy and unobtrusive video advertisements at scale.

HIRO’s new Programmatic Video Content Marketing solution uses a unique syndication technology and prediction methodology, which can predict supply side inventory quality and demand side needs, as well as which consumers will best match the video content, all through a self-serve platform that gives advertisers complete control over their programmatic video campaigns.

With HIRO’s Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine, brands that create video branded content and digital publishers that become detachable publishers may use HIRO’s Syndication capabilities for extracting relevant branded content pieces and exposing it to the right audiences while also using the most efficient delivery methods. This capability validates HIRO’s platform as the best Off-YouTube distribution channel for any video content, guaranteeing great viewability and other mission critical KPIs.

“HIRO seeks to greatly simplify the challenges prevalent in video content marketing. Our Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine is empowering all constituents with powerful data, reach and automation to help inform intelligent, creative and cross-platform campaigns that meaningfully elevates video content marketing results. We see a shift in the online video marketplace and we believe this new distribution model will benefit brands and content owners to find the audiences they seek in the best economic terms,” said Ariel Napchi, CEO and Founder, HIRO Media (pictured above left).


#8 SteelHouse Launches Creative Suite To Reinvent The Way Digital Ads Are Created

The SteelHouse Creative Suite, a new category of creative software, lets marketers and designers create captivating ads, featuring integrations with Getty Images, YouTube, and more.

For years, the ability to create quality digital ads has been hindered by poor technology and outdated processes. Advertising software company, SteelHouse, today announces its new Creative Suite, which includes an Ad Builder and Creative Library: An innovation that brings the power to build beautiful ads to professionals at any skill level.

The Creative Suite is fully integrated with Getty Images and YouTube. Brands can access video from YouTube, easily upload their own assets, or choose from millions of high-quality images from the Getty Library to ignite their creativity.

Users can access the SteelHouse Creative Suite by registering online. For a limited time, SteelHouse is offering the first million impressions free.

“Digital ads lack engaging content often found on social networks that is created by everyday people,” said Marwan Soghaier, Chief Product Officer at SteelHouse (pictured above left). “We wanted to design a new way for people to create captivating ads using the content around them.”

The backend is powered by A2 – a simple, flexible code-based html language that is completely editable. Users can easily export and run creative on major ad networks including The Trade Desk, AppNexus, DoubleClick, and more. Campaigns can be optimized and performance can be tracked – all from a single application.

“Powerful creative imagery is key to building compelling commercial storytelling – the ability for visual metaphors to communicate a message through the noise of today’s advertising space allows a brand to connect with its customer at a core emotional level,” said Susan Smith Ellis, CMO at Getty Images. “We are proud to partner with SteelHouse on this innovative product which will offer creatives a superior way to build beautiful ads.”

With the Ad Builder, users can create and edit ads in minutes with drag and drop functionality, including messaging, buttons, scene animation, and countdown timers – no coding required. Instead of building ads from scratch, the Creative Library provides access to beautifully-crafted ads ready to be customized.

“The Creative Suite has made our lives easier by giving us the tools we need to create dynamic ads on one platform, versus having to use multiple software to create a final product,” said Chuck Melber, Marketing Manager for Nomad, a smartwatch and smartphone accessories company based in Santa Barbara, Calif. “Now we feel inspired to experiment more with our creative.”


# 9 United Entertainment Group and CitizenNet Leverage Big Data For Influencer Campaigns.

New f(IQ) Score and Social Media Planner To Help Marketers Measure Influence as a Function of Reach and Relative Trust.

United Entertainment Group (UEG) rolled out today a new proprietary influencer initiative that combines the art of strategic marketing services with the science of cutting edge technology and data. The first phase of the launch is the new UEG f(IQ) Score, which uniquely brings together UEG’s vast knowledge and experience of the influencer space with CitizenNet’s machine learning algorithms and predictive science to match advertisers with influencers like never before.

“CitizenNet’s data informs UEG’s strategic decision-making. UEG provides the qualitative, human input into the score surrounding emotion, authenticity, advocacy. This includes price, feasibility and ease of working with an influencer. This expertise comes from many years working with A-list celebrities to up-and-coming influencers,” said UEG Chief Operating Officer David Caruso (pictured above left). “At the core of effective influencer marketing is trust and reach, but trust is relative and not all influence is created equal. The UEG f(IQ) Score measures trust in context, which is a result that eludes many in the industry to this day.”

“The next generation of influencer marketing should require the accountability and predictability that you see in digital media, but also have the human context of creative storytelling,” said Dan Benyamin, Founder and CEO of CitizenNet. “We saw an opportunity to bring our patented technologies that we use in the keyword space to the influencer space and provide advertisers with the measurement that has been needed.”

Timed with the launch of the f(IQ) score, CitizenNet developed a robust Social Media Planner specifically for boosting influencer-driven content. This planner allows marketers to fully customize and scale the reach of campaign content in a holistic solution.

The UEG f(IQ) Score and CitizenNet Social Media Planner launched today at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit in Los Angeles, in a session with UEG Director of Properties & Ventures Joshua Kaplan and CitizenNet Founder and CEO Dan Benyamin.

About United Entertainment Group, A DJE Company

United Entertainment Group (UEG) is an entertainment, sports and lifestyle agency. It creates marketing and communications campaigns by partnering with the people, properties and platforms that shape pop culture. UEG has worked with hundreds of FORTUNE 500 companies, A-list celebrities, professional athletes and media properties, and serves brands seeking to engage consumers through talent, film, TV, music and sports platforms. These include ASICS, AT&T, Bose, Bridgestone, eBay, Evian, Frito Lay, JCPenney, Kellogg’s, Shell, Speedo, Starbucks, TD Ameritrade, Yum! Brands (KFC and Pizza Hut) and many others. Formed in 2007, UEG is a joint venture with Founder/President/CEO Jarrod Moses, Hollywood powerhouse United Talent Agency and DJE Holdings.

About CitizenNet

CitizenNet is a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Marketing Partner delivering Prediction Technology to social media. CitizenNet owns 6 patents in Social Analysis and Natural Language Processing which leverages their 650M+ demographic profile database. Founded in 2009 operating in Culver City, CA.


#10 Digital Video Ads Made Easy for Businesses.

ROLIK, the world’s first digital video ad marketplace, unveiled a public beta of its self-service platform today at TechCrunch Disrupt. The ROLIK marketplace is a versatile platform where video creators can seamlessly upload ads that were created using any professional tools, and for buyers to purchase high quality, finished digital video commercials without the headache associated with lengthy production cycles.

ROLIK is addressing a growing demand for fresh content in the digital space, where marketers and brands scramble to stay at the forefront of video advertising and engaging their consumers in unique ways. eMarketer recently reported close to $10 billion in digital video ad spending this year—yet this is expected to grow significantly—close to 200% and $30 billion by 2020.

“This product solves the growing need for companies and brands to maintain their creative edge while also controlling their advertising and marketing budgets. With a vast pool of content on our platform, a bountiful music library, and high quality editing software, ROLIK is shaping a new future for digital video advertising,” said Sergei Gritsenko, ROLIK co-founder (pictured above left).

Digital Video Ads Made Easy for Businesses

ROLIK’s online marketplace makes it easy for businesses to quickly view a wide range of finished video ads available for sale and then use its Packshot Generator branding tool to add their company branding with logo and slogan. Once the business owner or marketer finds the ad they like, purchasing it is as simple as clicking the “Buy Now” button and entering credit card information. They are now a proud owner of their own professional digital video ad that can be used without limitations on all available advertising platforms, all over the Internet.

New Revenue Stream for Video Creators

Individual video creators as well as professional videographers and even larger studios will find value in signing up to ROLIK’s marketplace. They can create portfolio pages to showcase their videos for free, expanding their network with prospective clients and connecting with companies and brands of all sizes, across markets and locations.

As former Hollywood video producers, ROLIK’s founders maintain a high standard for the quality of videos allowed in its marketplace. They have also thought about licensing for both creators and buyers: once a video ad is purchased, it will no longer be available for sale—ensuring its uniqueness—and all licensing for music is also included.

Access to ROLIK’s online platform is now available for free in a public beta. A free Apple iOS App is also available for creators who want to shoot, produce and publish digital video ads conveniently from their Apple smartphones.


Based in Los Angeles, ROLIK is an online marketplace for video creators to sell high quality digital video ads to marketers who are looking for fresh video content that will help increase their brand awareness and consumer engagement on a regular basis. ROLIK’s self-service platform makes it easy for video creators to upload finished digital videos ads that marketers and brands can then purchase and begin to leverage instantly, across multiple online social and digital channels. ROLIK’s founders and board advisors are former Hollywood video producers, who maintain a high level of standard for all video ads available on the ROLIK marketplace. For more information about ROLIK, visit us at or find us on Facebook at and Twitter at @rolik_co.


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