RTB Case Study: Why businesses should use more than one retargeter


Daniel Surmacz, COO, RTB House offers his insights on retargeting multiplied.

Let’s face the truth: In the time when almost all of e-commerce players use retargeting as a way to multiply their revenue, the smarter your approach is, the better.

In this highly competitive environment, marketers turned out their focus on performance-based activities, but no longer think about just one tech provider. In fact, more and more pros know that running two to three campaigns with use of both “standard” and “professional” retargeting solutions may bring much better overall results. However, with a large number of retargeting engines out there, a very basic question marketers can still ask is: “Is using many retargeters good for my business?” and “Will I see any difference?”


Let’s take a closer look at one of RTB House case studies. The data shows that using additional retargeting tools is a good strategy that can bring an up to 80% increase in the overall retargeted traffic. This is because each provider uses its own unique targeting algorithms and displays your ads differently across the web.

The client – a fashion retailer – turned to RTB House to increase the traffic volume and make the returning users convert more often via a multiple retargeting strategy. The client expected that two different retargeters working simultaneously will present better results without breaking budgets.

The adspace of RTB House provided additional user targeting possibilities, strongly supplementing the primary campaign. It allowed for much better, conversion-focused results.

After engaging the second retargeter, the client gained 101% more conversions and an up to 76% increase in traffic from combined retargeting activities in comparison to the period when they used just one retargeter.

Competition between providers is one of the ways to ensure your retargeters are operating at their maximum potential. When you use two retargeters, both must focus on delivering transparent and effective results. It also allows for benchmarking the average effective costs of sale (COS) between the service providers, as well as other measures. Moreover, you can run your own A/B testing of sorts, to see which retargeter provides optimal returns in each marketing channel.

Different retargeters offer flexibility in your goal strategies. You can have different short-term goals determined by your mid- and long-term display marketing strategy. It can be a specific number of clicks, conversions or just turnover.

So it is good to remember that independent retargeters cannot maximize results across all advertising channels and particular retargeters offer varying inventories, creatives and algorithms. Each execute them differently in local channels. Using multiple retargeters enables expansion of access to your visitors, that you would like back on your website – not just targeting the same user with both tools.

This way, you’ll expose your online marketing to more display options which can drastically alter how and where the message is displayed, and thus, change the end result for the better. At the end of the day it means that you can run more efficient campaigns in almost separate subgroups, resulting in little overlap and much higher efficiency.

About RTB House

RTB House specializes in targeted display advertising that delivers personalized messages to its users in real time. RTB House operates globally with offices in Warsaw, Prague, Moscow and São Paulo and currently runs campaigns for global brands in Europe, APAC and LATAM.


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