IRIS.TV & Furious Corp. Partnership. Plus: Tapad Propeller Program; Cuebiq and MediaMath Data Partnership; Ooyala’s New AppStudio

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IRIS.TV and Furious Corp. Partnership Guarantees 10X Advertising Revenue Increase for Digital Video Publishers.

IRIS.TV, a video personalization pioneer that enables publishers and marketers to maximize the value of their video inventory by streaming custom programming to individual users across all devices, and Furious Corp., the first enterprise-level inventory and revenue optimization platform, have partnered to provide online video publishers with an end-to-end solution to increase their owned and operated online video advertising revenue. For publishers that use the IRIS.TV video programming platform, Furious Corp. is offering a guarantee against its fees, to deliver a 10X advertising revenue ROI in the first year after integration of the combined solution.

US Adults spend over 1.25 hours per day watching online video, with ad spend expected to reach almost $10B dollars in 2016 according to eMarketer. “Publishers work hard to keep their audiences engaged and satisfied with premium video content. We have partnered with Furious to ensure our customers have the tools and insights needed to grow revenue,” says Robert Bardunias, Chief Revenue Officer at IRIS.TV (pictured top left).

IRIS.TV’s API plug-in for nearly every video player uses artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning to surface the most relevant video from the publisher’s library for each individual site visitor. These personalized recommendations give publishers an average 54% increase in video views, the highest in the industry. This increase in views on desktop, tablet, mobile phone, even if the video is delivered OTT and creates new, premium video advertising impressions for publishers’ advertisers.

Furious Corp.’s revenue and inventory optimization platform, PROPHET,™ is a horizontal SaaS platform, which automates the ingestion and normalization of publisher data into a common structure, providing them with highly intuitive and powerful visuals giving for visibility into inventory, sales and audience.

“The digital advertising business is more complex than ever. New addressable and advanced ad products, distribution platforms, and the growth of programmatic equates to more data and technology for an online video publisher to manage. This complexity and the number of systems make running an advertising business very hard today,” says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp. “PROPHET connects the disparate systems and data that power ad businesses, working hand-in-hand with them to enable unified yield optimization across all channels, formats, and clients, continually optimizing a publisher’s advertising portfolio. This particular partnership will enable publishers to maximize in revenue and profitability the increased video views from IRIS.TV’s personalized programming engine.”

Based in Los Angeles, IRIS TV’s investors include Sierra Wasatch, BDMI, Progress Ventures and individual backers including Machinima founder Allen DeBevoise, Lions Gate CFO James Barge as well as senior executives with Nielsen and AEG.


Tapad Announces The Propeller Program To Boost Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Five Norwegian Startups Selected to Establish U.S. Presence

Tapad, a cross-device marketing technology company, has announced its new entrepreneurial mentorship initiative, the Propeller Program. Five early-stage startups from Norway have been chosen by Are Traasdahl, native of Norway and Tapad’s CEO and founder (pictured left). The selected companies will share Tapad’s New York City workspace, receive C-level guidance and help establish a U.S. presence.

The following companies have been selected to participate in the inaugural Propeller Program – a 12-month program beginning September 19, 2016:

· Bubbly – Developers of a platform that enables in-store customer feedback with dashboards and tools that facilitate real-time store response

· BylineMe – A marketplace for freelancers, publishers and brands to connect for content creation and distribution services

· Eventum – A property-sharing group that digitally assists in securing venues for meetings and corporate events

· Socius – A content provider for publishers to tell stories using social media

· Xeneta – A database that organizes the best contracted freight rates in real time and on demand

“We are supporting startups that we feel represent the future of service offerings,” said Traasdahl. “It is with incredible pride that we invite these entrepreneurial teams from Norway to join us in New York City this year. Mentorship opportunities for early-stage companies are so important, particularly for those based outside the U.S. I look forward to giving the Propeller Program participants access to the expertise of my seasoned team and to our wide network of resources. Hopefully, it will be a game-changing year for many of them.”


Cuebiq and MediaMath Enter Data Partnership

MediaMath taps Cuebiq’s sophisticated location data for agency and brand clients.

Location intelligence company Cuebiq has entered into a data partnership with MediaMath, a leading independent programmatic company. The partnership, enabled by LiveRamp, the leader in data connectivity and onboarding, gives MediaMath agency and brand clients the ability to offer geo-behavioral targeting solutions via Cuebiq’s AudienceQ offering.

AudienceQ allows advertisers to target consumers based on their offline behavior and purchase intent. Cuebiq’s intelligence platform analyzes proximity signals such as geo-fences, Wi-Fi, and beacons to understand location patterns, visit frequency, and dwell time in order to profile audience segments which can be used for all types of cross-platform campaigns. Cuebiq’s data collection methodology provides a higher quality alternative to both bid stream data from ad exchanges, which lacks accuracy and provides a limited view of user behavior, and panel-based data, which has limited scale and bias issues.

“Cuebiq brings a new lens to how location data can be collected, refined, and activated to provide context, dwell time and location; rather than just location,” said Aruna Paramasivam, Head of Audience Partnerships at MediaMath (pictured left). “Bridging the offline and online worlds of consumers is of the utmost importance to digital marketers these days and we are excited to be partnering with Cuebiq and bringing their advanced location data methodology to our clients.”

Through the partnership, MediaMath agency and brand clients have access to over 1,160 audience segments across key categories, including geo-behavioral, brand specific, demographic, as well as custom segments.

“We are pleased to be partnering with MediaMath and extending our AudienceQ offering across their platform,” said Antonio Tomarchio, founder and CEO of Cuebiq. “Digital marketers are eager to incorporate location data into their campaigns to improve targeting capabilities. We look forward to helping marketers more effectively connect with their audiences.”


Ooyala Introduces New Turnkey OTT Solution, Ooyala AppStudio

Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary and a global innovator in premium video publishing, production workflow, analytics and monetization, has introduced Ooyala AppStudio, its new turnkey over-the-top (OTT) solution for innovative video providers to cost-effectively build and deploy comprehensive OTT app- and web-based video entertainment experiences.

Focused on maximizing ROI for broadcasters, publishers and media companies taking their content over the top, using Ooyala AppStudio enables customers to quickly launch, manage and monetize new OTT offerings. OTT services are booming globally as consumers flock to connected devices for content; creating a market opportunity of nearly $65 billion over the next five years.

“Media companies want to tap into the fast-growing opportunity OTT represents, but have been held back by slow pace and high cost of developing apps for the broad array of connected devices in the consumer market. Ooyala AppStudio changes that,” said Ooyala co-founder and Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions, Belsasar Lepe (pictured left). “There is tremendous growth in OTT demand particularly outside of the U.S., where broadband and 4G connectivity is improving, making offerings accessible to huge new audiences. For local content providers who want to hedge against larger OTT incumbents entering their market, Ooyala AppStudio is a perfect fit.”

Ooyala will demonstrate Ooyala AppStudio at the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, September 8 through September 13 in Hall 14, Stand D.20. Meetings can be scheduled here. The product will be available in September.

Ooyala AppStudio mitigates the expensive custom development and integration costs typically associated with OTT market entry. An out-of-the-box solution, it ensures customers can deploy premium OTT experiences on time and on budget, with a simple, easy-to-use interface. As such, it does not require highly technical staff to build or manage services. Content providers can automate the build of OTT apps directly within the Ooyala AppStudio console for any device, supporting apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast as well as on iOS, Android and the web. No engineering is required, drastically reducing time-to-market as well as development and personnel-associated costs.

Developed in partnership with Massive Interactive, Ooyala AppStudio is a comprehensive solution for companies to deploy, manage, track, analyze and monetize all components of a cloud-based OTT service. It supports revenue models including subscription video-on-demand (SVOD), advertising-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) or hybrid strategies.

It also comes pre-integrated with a comprehensive set of best-in-breed technologies to ensure the experience is simple to use and seamless for the viewer, including:

* User registration, offer management, content scheduling as well as advanced user-interfaces (UIs) for device-tailored user experiences, powered by Massive Interactive’s technology, Massive HALO.

* Video
management and delivery, powered by Ooy.

* Content recommendation and personalization, powered by Ooyala Discovery.

* Detailed analytics for video performance and audience engagement to help boost ad revenue or reduce subscriber churn, powered by Ooyala IQ.

* Payment management, security and subscription billing, powered by Stripe.

* Quality-of-experience (QoE) analytics, powered by Youbora from Nice People At Work.

* Page-level behavior analytics in-app or on the web, powered by Google Analytics.

* Support
for any IAB VAST-compatible ad server including Ooyala Pulse

Ooyala AppStudio has an elegant interface for making changes to content layout, promoting high-performing video, adjusting seasonal promotions and content schedules, and optimizing the user experience for higher engagement. Customers can quickly apply offers and calls to action within the app experience, easily linking in­-app images to promotional content either within the app or on an external website. These changes and updates are applied automatically with no need to rebuild or recertify the apps.

“By integrating Massive HALO into Ooyala AppStudio, Ooyala’s mid-tier content owner and operator customers will experience previously unheard-of control of their video services,” said Massive CEO and Co-founder, Ron Downey. “It is a real pleasure to welcome Ooyala as a partner and we’re delighted to have contributed a key enabling technology as part of this exciting new proposition.”