IRIS.TV Grabs Two Top Engineers from Yahoo!; ClickDealer and MobAir Join Forces to Launch Global Digital Marketing Group; MPP Global Launches Predictive Churn Functionality


IRIS.TV Grabs Two Top Engineers from Yahoo!: Ming Fang and Tony Chia

IRIS.TV, a pioneer in cloud-based personalized video programming that enables publishers and marketers to maximize the value of their video inventory by streaming custom programming to individual users across all devices, today added strength to its technology team with the hires of Ming Fang and Tony Chia as DevOps Engineers. Both are newly created positions based in the company’s Los Angeles headquarters and will manage the scaling of the company’s infrastructure as it rapidly expands its customer base and international footprint.

“Our real-time, cutting edge A.I./machine learning data processing requires talent of extraordinary depth and experience,” says Joel Spitalnik, IRIS.TV’s Vice President of Engineering (pictured top left) and to whom both Mr. Fang and Mr. Chia will report. “Ming has years of system and integration experience in administrating and implementing Weblogic, Java Applications, Apache, and open source services to provide sustainable and highly available IT environments. And for the last 6 years, Tony worked in various software configuration management and release engineering jobs at Yahoo. Both are the caliber of professionals we want on the IRIS.TV team.”

Prior to joining IRIS.TV, Mr. Fang (left) was a Service Production Engineer at Yahoo! and before that was a Middleware Engineer at DreamWorks Animation. Earlier in his career, Mr. Fang held top engineering positions with IBM Global Services, Toyota Motor Sales, New Century Mortgage Corporation and Option One Mortgage. He is a graduate of Northeastern University.
Mr. Chia (left) comes to IRIS.TV from Yahoo! where most recently he was Senior Build and Release Engineer for Search Advertising and before that, Senior Quality Engineer for Search and Display. He was also the Test Lead for Citigroup and earlier held senior level engineering positions with Northrop Grumman and Logicon. He is a graduate of California State University-Long Beach.


ClickDealer and MobAir Join Forces to Launch Global Digital Marketing Group

ClickDealer and MobAir today announced the formation of Global Digital Marketing Group (GDM Group), a digital performance marketing company. Focused on online solutions that empower the world’s leading brands and agencies seeking to more effectively engage global audiences, GDM Group’s offerings include a mobile monetization and user acquisition platform, performance marketing, media buying and video advertising.

Advertisers are losing billions of dollars each year on marketing campaigns that underperform. By bringing these solutions together within a flexible integration system that provides accurate analytics, GDM Group will help advertisers avoid wasting dollars on underperforming marketing campaigns — an extension of ClickDealer’s and MobAir’s focus on innovation that drives better business outcomes for their customers. Both ClickDealer and MobAir will remain independent within GDM Group and provide the support their customers have come to expect while continuing to grow inside the larger structure alongside the just-launched GDM Group Video division. GDM Group Video is a cross-device solution focused on placing video ads on relevant high volume portals in order to maximize efficiency and customer lifetime value.

“With a full set of digital media solutions intended to drive revenue and increase brand awareness, Global Digital Marketing Group will deliver improved customer engagement and lifetime value to our customers,” said Dmitry Atamanyuk, CEO, Global Digital Marketing Group (pictured top left). “In the coming months, we will further unify advertising efforts worldwide, giving marketers more opportunities to reach and engage their customers without the stress that typically comes with navigating the digital media landscape.”

GDM Group’s capabilities will be introduced over the next several months, continually helping marketers to improve the way they connect with their audiences, and bringing more cost-effective solutions to both demand and supply partners. Publishers and developers will benefit from more precise targeting capabilities, access to new traffic channels, better campaign optimization and more effective media buys, along with smart and sophisticated user acquisition. Advertisers will have improved customer engagement and lifetime value to drive more prospects for their business.

About ClickDealer and MobAir

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, ClickDealer entered the market with a unique perspective of the global digital marketing landscape that has helped to define the structure and current services of GDM Group. ClickDealer launched in 2012 as a global performance marketing company that specializes in cost per action (CPA) campaigns, delivering high quality and cost-effective marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers. The company began focusing on mobile in 2013, and two years later MobAir was launched as an independent performance-based mobile app marketing platform that provides solutions for high-quality user acquisition on a large scale.


MPP Global Launches Predictive Churn Functionality

MPP Global has today announced an enhancement to its eSuite platform, which is the only fully integrated cloud platform to identify, engage and monetize digital audiences, introducing predictive subscription churn functionality. This functionality has been added to the recently launched Retention & Recovery module.

The technology enables organizations to identify high-risk subscribers who are likely to churn, enabling them to proactively target and re-engage with these customers, in order to minimize churn and maximize revenues.

Predicting Subscription Churn

The predictive subscription churn functionality employs machine learning techniques to apply a churn risk probability to each active subscriber. The process analyzes customer behavior to generate reports of customers who are most at risk of voluntarily cancelling their subscription. The performance of the prediction engine is transparent with the previous month’s churn prediction, accuracy available for analysis. As clients use more of eSuite’s modules and functionality, the opportunities with the scope and precision of the prediction engine increase.

Machine Learning & Predictive Engine

Machine Learning is a technique where a highly scalable processing engine, historical consumption, financial and consumer data, along with specialist algorithms are used to estimate the churn risk for every active subscription. Using a minimum of six months of historical data, the business defines set data dimensions, containing information about previously churned subscriptions, which may indicate increased churn risk. The advanced algorithms are then “trained” using this data.

The high-processing capability of the machine learning, cloud platform is used to process current active subscription data, outputting churn risk probability for each active subscription. This process is typically repeated each month resulting in new target data sets of high churn risk subscribers delivered on a regular and automated basis. In live environments where predicted churn was measured against actual churn, precision rates of 85 percent to 98 percent were experienced. Precision rates are a measure of how many subscribers, which are identified as high risk, actually go on to churn in the following month.

Using historical data to predict when a paying customer is likely to voluntarily churn enables businesses to react,re-engage and automatically target them with personalized content based on interests, thereby increasing the brand value for the customer or alternatively by utilizing personlized offers or incentives in order to retain their business. By targeting them with a promotion or engagement activity, companies limit any damage to the customer relationship increasing customer retention. It is also possible to build campaigns, based on precision and conversion rates, ensuring retention campaigns are most effective.

Advancements and Profiling Data

Machine learning technology is playing an important role in developing eSuite’s capability. It is being employed in scenarios such as analyzing the data of existing customers to understand at which stage of the journey they purchased and which product or service they are most likely to buy in the future, based on previous behavior and profiling. For example, if an anonymous user clicks 5 sports articles or videos in succession from a mobile device, eSuite can recommend a product or service which best matches their profile.

This advanced technology provides businesses with insights into their services, which they previously have not had. It enables the opportunity to dynamically adjust the user experience based on their behavior and preferences. Businesses can then act on the front line and reach audiences who may not have known about a particular product or service, driving subscription revenues and further developing customer relationships.

MPP Global Commentary

Playing a lead role in the project, Chris Cheney, CTO at MPP Global (pictured top left), said, “We are very excited with eSuite’s predictive churn functionality and the benefits it will bring to the market. We have the expectation to bring in further data points, allowing clients to understand more about what leads to subscribers churning and act in the best way to prevent it.”

Cheney added, “Churn prediction is just one use case where machine learning is used, with many more planned around the use of advanced analytical tools and capabilities. You simply can’t do this stuff unless you have the platform components to be able to collect and process the important data and our product strategy has very much been around the positioning to enable this.”

Paul Johnson, CEO at MPP Global, commented, “This project has been a major development within MPP Global and redefines what we are able to offer clients. eSuite is already the only fully integrated cloud platform to identify, engage and monetize audiences and now, with predictive churn, we are truly offering a one of a kind solution which will help any organization offering subscriptions.”

About MPP Global

MPP Global delivers a fully integrated cloud platform to identify, engage and monetize digital audiences.

From metering and profiling to promotions, payments, subscriptions and analytics, eSuite powers organizations to extract maximum value from their content and embrace monetization opportunities prevalent in today’s digital landscape.

Founded in 2000, with offices throughout Europe, USA, South America and Australia, MPP Global has an impressive track record of helping companies create successful business models.

Clients include Sky, The Times, Winnipeg Free Press, L’Équipe, The Daily Mail, Local Media Group, The Irish Times and Universal Music Group.


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