Unlocking Influencer Marketing: Yahoo! Report


The key takeaways in the Yahoo! report, Unlocking Influencer Marketing, include:

Influencer marketing is driving ROI. Brands who partnered with influencers saw increases in engagement, brand awareness and positive comments: 58% increase in engagement (social shares and likes). 54% increase in awareness. 44% increase in positive brand comments.

Millennials are a key audience segment for influencers: Millennials are 63% more likely to be loyal to a brand that has a strong personality.

Choosing the right influencer for your brand is key:

Influencers are comprised of Newbies, Rising stars and Socialites. Each influencer brings their own personality, brand, followers and benefits.

Newbies: These influencers are in the process of establishing their creative voice. Newbies, in the earliest stage of development, tend to mention brands and products in the intent of driving personal connections with followers and potential audiences.
Rising Stars: These influencers are polishing their personal brand. Rising Stars, are in the “growth” stage, and drive high number of actions per post on average.  

Socialites: These influencers have an established brand. Socialites are most effective for brands to work with– they drive the highest actions per post on branded content – higher than the average actions per post of all influencers. Influencer social posts are significantly more effective than traditional social posts: In a recent campaign with JetBlue, Yahoo found influencer posts received 20 times more engagements on average than traditional social posts.


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