Programmatic Data Deluge: How to Make Sense of the Flood of Info


A new study from Metamarkets, Interactive Analytics: How to unleash the power of programmatic data, reveals that despite the programmatic marketplace boom, with more than 600 billion ad impressions each day, traditional analytics tools are unable to process the growing volume of data.


* 67% percent of marketers are not satisfied with their current analytics solution

* Only 10% of marketers are able to understand the cause of an anomaly within minutes, while it took more than 50% of marketers multiple days for any understanding

What does this mean? Marketers are unable to capitalize on the layers of undiscovered insights.

What’s the solution? A faster and more nimble use of data that focuses on 1) data freshness 2) instant drill-down and 3) self-service user interface. These facets will give marketers the data they need for instant answers and allow them to take immediate action.

For more details you can download the full report here.


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