Federated Media Expands Network of Content Creators Through Partnership with Tidal Labs


Federated Media’s Content Journey Solution Offers Advertisers and Brands Increased Scale and Deeper Insights on Campaign Performance.

Federated Media, an integrated media and content marketing company, announced a partnership with Tidal Labs, an online influencer platform. Federated Media is known for pairing the nation’s leading brands with top independent influencers to create compelling content delivered at scale. The partnership with Tidal Labs gives Federated Media access to an additional network of thousands of influencers and allows Federated Media’s clients to more efficiently expand and target campaigns.     

“Federated Media has long been at the forefront of content marketing, and we’re excited to help bolster the company’s offerings by providing access to thousands of talented content creators,” said Matthew Myers, CEO at Tidal Labs (pictured left).

“We’re creating intelligent content that scales. By leveraging an expanded network of influencers through Tidal Labs, brands and advertisers can get more access to custom content that resonates and drives connection and engagement at every stage of the content journey,” Jonathan Silverstein, SVP, Head of Digital Businesses, at Federated Media commented on the news. “This partnership is the first of many exciting steps in our mission to grow the reach and scale of our content creator network.”

Federated Media offers a full content journey solution, from the creation of branded content, to distribution, awareness, targeting, engagement, performance and conversion. Each stage of this journey is amplified with data and proprietary social tools to maximize a content marketer’s campaign performance.

The partnership with Federated Media is a key step in the building of the CreatorExchange, Tidal Lab’s open creator “network-of-networks,” through which brands and agencies can activate influence from many networks and partners across the web in real time. Federated Media is the first company to join Tidal Labs’ clear, transparent marketplace model.

Federated Media has also expanded its Data Science team to provide brand partners with deeper insights on content marketing campaigns as they look to leverage data across all parts of the content journey. Advertisers can segment by audiences and optimize content marketing campaigns by leveraging richer insights from data to market more efficiently.

Federated Media plans to continue to grow its network of influences through direct relationships and strategic partnerships in 2016.

“Brands say that they are the experts, but that’s not the case. It’s the individuals that are trusted experts and building relationship with them will be where advertising needs to go next,” said James Sandora, SVP of Global Digital, Kohler, current Tidal client. “Tidal Labs understands what creators want, making them an ideal partner for brands looking to discover and collaborate with fresh talent.”


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