Video Best Practices–A New Yahoo! Report


Video advertising has quickly become a key pillar of digital campaigns, but many marketers still struggle to create content that captures viewers’ attention.

Yahoo recently partnered with Nielsen & Hunter Qualitative to find out exactly what makes video ads effective, and the report–Video Best Practices– yielded some interesting insights for marketers. Below are a few highlights.

Optimize for screen alignment: Optimizing for screen alignment is key to an enjoyable video ad experience. According to Yahoo’s research, viewing a lincrease brand affinity, achieving lifts of 20% and 80% respectively.

When it comes to Millennials, focus on emotion: If you want to connect with millennials, emotion plays a big part in a successful video ad. Ads with a comedic, witty tone 50% lift in brand familiarity with millennials, compared to viewers overall. And because this audience is looking to stay informed, informational ads drove a 31% lift in purchase intent comparatively.

Native video ads are driving results: Auto-start formats have been hotly debated. Compared to user-initiated video, this new research shows auto-start video ads in native environments achieve 51% higher aided recall, 10% higher brand familiarity, and 4% higher affinity. So if you aren’t testing native video, this year might be the time to start.


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