Connexity Launches Enhanced AudienceView; Taykey Launches Trend Pulse for Free Trend-Based Audience Insights; People News


Connexity, Inc. Launches Enhanced AudienceView.

Digital marketing company Connexity, Inc. today announced the launch of an enhanced AudienceView audience segmentation and analytics platform with new granular audience-based metrics and reporting. AudienceView combines deep online behavior data collected by Hitwise with thousands of survey-based audience attributes from Simmons Research. The result is the most comprehensive view of where people go on-line, who they are, and what they like. This enables AudienceView clients to define and then find audiences based on search intent, frequency of action or life stage.

“AudienceView was built for today’s marketers, agencies and content owners bringing together unique audience measurement with advanced profiling and segmentation tools,” says Nigel Wilson, Managing Director at Hitwise (pictured above left), which Connexity acquired in December. “We’ve elevated the research standard for measuring traffic from a flat count of how many visits a site receives, to a more sophisticated look at who those audiences are, what they like and where they can be found online, to ensure we can understand both the quality and quantity of online activity. This combination makes it possible for marketers to eliminate waste by laser focusing their targeting and planning efforts.”

AudienceView, with a panel of nearly 10 million US consumers—including over 3.5 million mobile devices—tracks behavior across 20 million websites and 500 million search terms each month, providing marketers with unparalleled cross-channel insights. By unifying website and search activity across desktop and mobile devices together with purchase behavior and consumer attributes (including demographics, psychographics, media consumption and brand loyalty), AudienceView delivers both audience insights and competitive intelligence.

The enhanced AudienceView will for the first time allow marketers to size and measure their audiences on a weekly basis and to a level not previously available. They can define segments based on website category level pages, transaction site sections, frequency of visitation and product specific search intent. Added to this, research teams will be able to report separately and trend the specific mobile behaviors of their customers across search and clickstream activity.

With AudienceView, companies can drive performance and compete more effectively by improving such things as brand differentiation (uncovering consumer behaviors and attitudes unique to their audience); creative optimization (identifying consumer motivations and preferences); media effectiveness (understanding consumer behavior to know when and where to reach an audience); market sizing (uncovering opportunities for engaging new audiences); campaign measurement (measuring campaign effectiveness for reaching their target audience); and all of this with an eye on the competition.

“We’re focused on delivering highly-targeted audiences created from consumer insights,” says Bill Glass, CEO of Connexity. “The combination of AudienceView’s insights and segmentation with Connexity’s programmatic targeting will enable our customers to research, understand and identify their target audiences. AudienceView ensures that campaigns get off on the right foot by placing reliable and actionable insights at the core of the marketing plan.”

Connexity Digital marketing company Connexity uses the world’s largest sample of Internet behavior, with an emphasis on ecommerce, to help brands and performance marketers find and target the most promising audiences on any device with programmatically available data and media.

Its Bizrate Insights division helps retailers keep and grow their customer base by providing direct buyer feedback that can improve customer relationships and their online store experience. Connexity’s Hitwise combines user behavior with offline lifestyle and life stage information to help companies build and optimize their online multichannel marketing campaigns.

Connexity, Inc., formerly Shopzilla, Inc., is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and Italy. It is owned by Symphony Technology Group (STG).

Taykey Launches Trend Pulse For Free Trend-Based Audience Insights.

Taykey, a technology company that analyzes hundreds of millions of data points per day to help brands discover and act on what’s trending for audiences, today announced the availability of its free, public access to real-time audience data via Taykey Trend Pulse.

Taykey Trend Pulse provides free and open access to real-time trend data for commonly referenced audience segments through the company’s website at At launch, audience segments will include: Adults 18-plus, Moms, Millennials and Tech Enthusiasts.

Available audience segments will evolve based on industry demand and major consumer events generating buzz. Visitors can see trending topics, sentiment, conversational patterns, related interests and more.

“Every day, billions of consumer conversations flow through publishers and social platforms across the web,” said Taykey Founder & CEO, Amit Avner (pictured top left). “Taykey Trend Pulse is designed to provide agencies, brands, and enterprises with a small but illuminating window into the vast array of audience insights that can be modeled from this data.”

Also, announced today, is a new Campaign Dashboard that provides greater insights for agencies and marketers currently using Taykey’s Trend Advertising solution. Most significantly, advertising clients can now map their campaign performance against trending content for their target audiences to understand the conversations and content categories most effective at driving ad engagement. The Campaign Dashboard also provides audience insights above and beyond Taykey’s Trend Pulse tool by allowing marketers to completely customize their audience segments and discover what’s trending for their audience.

“Our clients are benefitting significantly from access to trend-based insights for their target audiences,” said Keri Zuckerman, VP Group Partner at Reprise Media, an Interpublic Group agency. “Taykey’s initiatives to make this data more accessible to the industry should be an asset to marketers across a number of initiatives.”

Avner continued, “Our investments in enabling hands-on access to data ultimately provide our advertising clients with useful intelligence that can inform broader initiatives, especially in an increasingly real time marketing environment. Imagine a brand targeting millennial music lovers – their interests may change hour to hour throughout the day. Brands can now see what their audiences are talking about in real time and what content drives engagement, as well as repeating patterns. These insights can help to inform everything from social media content to long-term endorsement and sponsorship strategies. No other company in the industry is focused on giving marketers deep insights into what matters to their audience right now and also allowing them act on that data in real time.”

Taykey’s Trend Advertising platform uses real time trend data to automatically and continuously align display and video campaigns with relevant content. Taykey was named to the 2015 Deloitte Technology Israel Fast 50 and Fast 500 EMEA, and was recently selected by AlwaysOn as an OnMedia Top 100 Winner.


People News: PushSpring Hires Darren Van Norman as Director of Product; PlusMedia Hires Darryl Daoust as Executive Vice President, Marketing & Integration.

PushSpring, an industry source for mobile app data and insights, announced the hiring of Darren Van Norman (pictured left), a seasoned technology professional, to fill the newly created position of Director of Product. Mr. Van Norman will be based at the company’s Seattle headquarters tasked with formalizing processes and growing the PushSpring product mix.

“Darren’s formidable experience with aQuantive and Marchex make him a a fantastic addition to PushSpring’s team, “ says Steve Dossick, CTO and Co-Founder of PushSpring. “As we continue to enhance our data and SaaS products for the advertising industry, Darren will be invaluable in helping us build the best offerings for our customers.”

Mr. Van Norman joins PushSpring from Marchex, where he served as Principal Program Manager, developing three senior teams for the Marchex Digital Call Marketplace, including Mobile Search, Search Directories, and Mobile Display. Mr. Van Norman previously held positions at aQuantive (acquired by Microsoft in 2007), and Dimension4, advancing his developer and project management expertise across multiple functions. Mr. Van Norman holds a BS from the University of Washington.

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PlusMedia, LLC, a full-service media agency specializing in multichannel direct response marketing and list & media management, has hired Darryl Daoust as Executive Vice President, Marketing & Integration. Darryl brings a wealth of experience in both offline and digital media, CRM strategy development, brand advertising, as well as B2B, B2C and B2E marketing. As Executive Vice President, he will lead cross-functional teams focused on driving clients’ business forward through the use of integrated media channels to engage consumers along the path to purchase, build brand equity, drive incremental sales and deliver on client objectives.

“In today’s continually evolving media landscape, PlusMedia is committed to delivering omnichannel media strategies for our clients,” said President Sherry Scapperotti. “Darryl’s diverse range of marketing expertise and broad perspective makes him ideal to lead this effort.”

Most recently, Darryl was Vice President – General Manager at Epsilon (formerly Ryan Partnership), where he led the digital shopper marketing center of excellence as well as the Unilever enterprise client relationship across CRM, consumer promotions, data, brand marketing, omnichannel and ecommerce.

“PlusMedia represents some of today’s most prominent brands,” said Darryl Daoust (pictured left). “I am excited to lead the integration of this successful, growing company in order to achieve sustainable growth for its clients.”



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