Spark! Boom! SparkPost and Boomtrain Team Up


Publishers and retailers have a big challenge ahead of them. Users demand individual attention through 1:1 personalized user experiences in an increasingly noisy, crowded digital space. Scaling effective marketing efforts, converting traffic, and driving consistent engagement and loyalty isn’t easy.

That’s why SparkPost and Boomtrain have teamed up to offer those users 1:1 personalized emails. Boomtrain’s machine intelligence helps companies connect with the right customers, at the right time, using the content most likely to engage each individual.

SparkPost’s email platform automates the assembly and delivery of individually tailored messages designed to arrive in the recipient’s inbox at optimal engagement periods. Reaching the inbox 98% of the time ensures that personalized messages will be delivered on-time and efficiently at scale.

By coupling SparkPost with Boomtrain, companies and marketers can reach each user across channels such as email, on-site, in-app, SMS, and push has never been easier.

According to Neej Gore, SVP of Business Operations at Boomtrain (pictured top left), “SparkPost’s leading infrastructure, combined with Boomtrain’s AI-powered marketing automation, delivers the new standard for marketers. Inevitably, consumers benefit through more timely conversations tailored to their individual preferences.”

Features that SparkPost users can harness through the integration:

* Auto-event generation based on visitors viewing a specific URL

* Dynamic 1:1 personalized messaging using smart tags

* Robust drag-and-drop editor for fully responsive email templates with native support for dynamic content tags

* Dynamic content for on-site engagement

In addition, Boomtrain customers typically see the following results:

* 2.4x increase in onsite recirculation and email engagement

* 2.8x increase in return frequency and onsite page views

* 4.0x increase in content engagement


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