AdTheorent Partners with Placed


AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company focused on data-driven predictive solutions, announced its enhanced integration with Placed, Inc., an ad to in-store attribution company. This strategic integration allows AdTheorent to use Placed-powered intelligence to optimize campaigns during flight. Using Placed Optimization, which enables programmatic in-flight optimization, AdTheorent is able to develop predictive models which identify consumers with the greatest likelihood of visiting a retail location, ultimately increasing in-store visits, lowering the “cost per store visit” for advertisers, and driving incremental customers into the store.

Powered by Predictive Targeting

As part of the integration, AdTheorent receives ongoing data from Placed about features that drive consumers’ off-line behaviors which is used to inform AdTheorent’s predictive models, resulting in campaigns optimized by a myriad of data points including demographic, psychographic, geographic and creative type variables. AdTheorent’s machine learning platform scores these audiences to identify who is most likely to visit a location, as verified by Placed. Additionally, AdTheorent’s massive scale and inventory allows targeting to be more precise, further driving engagement.

“Our deeper integration with Placed has allowed us to take full advantage of data and drive results for our advertisers. Our unique ability to digest campaign learnings efficiently and then model towards favorable audiences in real-time has enabled us to demonstrate success through high store-visit lift and low cost per visit numbers,” said Josh Walsh, Co-Founder of AdTheorent (pictured top left).

Real-Time Optimization

As measured by Placed, AdTheorent recently conducted a campaign for a national retailer to drive in-store visits leveraging a unique approach: predictive geo-targeting. AdTheorent strategically identified optimal geo-fencing points based on a variety of campaign parameters. In addition, AdTheorent’s machine learning platform identified consumers within the geo-fence with the highest percent chance of visitation. Optimizing throughout the campaign, AdTheorent’s predictive models identified and targeted the attributes of engaged consumers as reported by Placed’s in-flight campaign data.

The campaign, which ran for six weeks, delivered more than 87 million impressions. The results for this advertiser were impressive: AdTheorent increased in-store visits by 59% and delivered an exceedingly low cost per visit of $0.33.

“We are thrilled with the deeper level of integration we have with AdTheorent and with the results of this campaign. AdTheorent is one of the early adopters of Placed Optimization, which is built on in-flight optimization and combined with their machine learning and predictive targeting capabilities it makes them truly unique,” said David Shim, CEO of Placed. “Our ability to report on offline activities such as store visits in real time, coupled with AdTheorent’s predictive targeting capabilities, is delivered quantified results for one of the largest retailers in the US.”


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