2016 Marketing Signals Report: Can You Make Sense of Your Performance Measurements?


In early 2016, Origami Logic conducted an online survey investigating the ways today’s marketers quantify marketing signals and optimize marketing performance.

The 2016 MARKETING SIGNALS SURVEY REPORT offers insight into the channels, optimization drivers, and measurement barriers that impact marketers most, along with the potential opportunities marketers may be missing.

What Are Marketing Signals?

The term “marketing signals” is used to signify performance measurements such as impressions, conversions, CTR, ROI, and cost-per-engagement. These signals bridge the gap between raw data and key insights—providing the missing pieces needed to realize better campaign insights and results. By examining and benchmarking the way marketers are currently operating, Origami Logic hopes to help companies develop strategies to close marketing gaps, drive optimization, and improve overall performance.

What Blocks Campaign Optimization?

According to the survey results, it’s clear that many marketers’ campaign optimization efforts are hindered by the following:

• Incomplete visibility due to disparate systems and inadequate cross-channel performance data

• Ineffective, overly time-consuming measurement and analysis processes across
campaigns, channels, and platforms

• Infrequent marketing signal measurement and too few marketing signals being measured
within and across each individual channel

• A lag between the time signals become available and when they are fully analyzed

Underscoring the critical nature of these these challenges, 94% percent of survey respondents report that effective campaign optimization depends on having timely and complete knowledge of marketing signals.

Sixty-four percent of marketers plan to measure more frequently this year, and we recommend
that the ultimate aim should be to measure all signals, across all channels, on a daily basis.

By improving visibility, deepening insights, and reducing marketing signal lag times, leading marketers can expect to free up 15-30% of their total marketing budget, according to McKinsey & Company.

Challenges to Measuring Marketing Signals

For a complete report, click here.


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