The Eclipse of Online Ads–a ScribbleLive Report


ScribbleLive and author Rebecca Lieb (pictured left) have have launched a report on “The Eclipse of Online Ads,” in which they explain why marketers must optimize their efforts by prioritizing content within the digital mix.

The Report’s Executive Summary

With advertising effectiveness on the decline, practitioners are turning to other forms of marketing to better engage customers during their digital journey. Content marketing, and its underlying content strategy, has emerged as the savior in the new marketing hierarchy as leaders seek alternatives to paid media cohorts that no longer produce tangible business results.

Changing customer attitudes toward advertising, combined with data privacy concerns and increased use of new mobile technologies, are also contributing to advertising’s steady decline. When marketers focus instead on the content needs and expectations at each stage of the customer journey, they’re rewarded with new opportunities for engagement, sales, and retention. These opportunities are also easier to measure, offering another incentive for marketers to focus on content in lieu of incumbent advertising strategies.

In this report, we explore why marketers should build a customer-centric marketing strategies that rely more on valuable content and less on media buys. By creating a solid content strategy foundation, investing across the customer journey, realigning the marketing mix accordingly, and building the right team, digital marketers can achieve results that span far beyond click-through rates and brand awareness.

A Few Unique Highlights

1. Advertising isn’t going away, but its dominance will further decline to make way for real-time, owned, and shared media in the marketing budget.

2. Mobile’s intrinsically personal nature also makes interruptive forms of advertising seem all the more invasive.

3. Shifting the media mix away from advertising and into content marketing requires just as much cultural change as it does resource reallocation.

4. The ever-increasing level of automation in programmatic digital advertising
combined with an increase in programmatic spend (even as rate card prices plummet) has further depleted effectiveness in favor of a “set it and forget it” mentality among many practitioners.

To download the full report click here.


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