The Anatomy of a CISO: A breakdown of today’s top security leaders


What does the typical Fortune 100 CISO look like? Digital Guardian researched the top security leaders at F100 companies to get a better idea – here’s what they found.

The chief information security officer (CISO) plays a critical role in a corporation’s information security program. As the highest-ranking security executive within an organization, CISOs are tasked with developing and overseeing the execution of the company’s information security strategy across all functional areas: prevention, detection, incident response, risk and vulnerability management, security architecture and operations, and regulatory compliance. The CISO position is a relatively new role in the enterprise leadership structure, but the recent prevalence of data breaches and other widely publicized security incidents has made the chief information security officer position commonplace in modern enterprises.

So what are some of the common traits of today’s leading CISOs? Take a look!


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