Sticky Introduces ‘Insight & Audit’ Platform to Measure and Optimize the Value of the Visual Web


SaaS Visual Marketing Technology Company Launches the Industry’s First Marketing Audit and Optimization Platform to Help Digital Content Creators and Marketers Deliver Increased Branding Impact, Significantly Improve In-Content Comprehension, and Drive Higher Rates of Intention to Act by Consumers.

Sticky, a SaaS visual marketing technology company, today introduced Insight & Audit, a marketing audit and optimization platform that helps content creators and marketers measure consumers’ interaction with the web and optimize creative messaging on websites, email and digital imagery.

“There has been a widening gap between the fast-paced nature of digital media and advertising innovation and the tools that content creators and marketers can use to pre-test and optimize creative and messaging,” said Rachel Tydlacka, Consumer Insights Manager at Dish Network. “Sticky’s platform provides a refreshing, cost-effective solution across our organization. Not only did it immediately impact our creative team’s test and learning processes, but it has altered our approach to email and print messaging and has the potential to drive significant lift in consumer engagement.”

Mid-market brands and global advertisers such as Dish Network have already begun to use Sticky’s beta version of Insight and Audit with success. In minutes, users gain visual engagement data, on specific areas within their content and creative messaging (e.g., tagline, key messages, logo, call-to-action). No one else in the market provides this kind of insight today at this speed and at significantly lower costs than traditional methods. As a result, prior to launching any new creative or messaging, media, creative and product teams can accurately pinpoint what resonates with audiences, and optimize creative to impact marketing ROI and cost savings.

Immediate Insight and Audit benefits include:

Improved insight into consumers behaviors, including likes and dislikes

Increased consumer engagement with the brand in key areas of interest

Improved comprehension of messaging and specific components

Improved overall consumer experience

Higher rates of conversion and intent to act

Lower media, content production and execution costs

Enhanced marketing ROI

“The web is now a powerhouse for rich visual content and branded messaging. But because of the current gap in tools, content creators and marketers end up making unscientific guesses on content and campaigns based on their gut,” said Hans Lee, CEO at Sticky (pictured top left). “For the first time, Insight and Audit helps anyone involved in the media and content production and optimization process to distill complex decisions — from selecting the best media partner for campaigns to wire-framing websites to optimizing campaign messaging.”

The platform leverages a comprehensive set of biometric visual valuation metrics including eye-tracking and emotion-based methodologies in combination with the world’s largest database of gaze points. In the coming months, Sticky will continue to add robust feature enhancements including mobile, video, and ecommerce capabilities.

To learn more about Insight & Audit, watch the one-minute video.


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