RhythmOne Releases Full Year 2015 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report


RhythmOne’s Full Year 2015 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report offers aggregated analysis of the dozens of Influencer Marketing programs the company ran during January—December 2015.

This report, which is the third offering in their series of influencer benchmarks reports, provides insights in the areas of branded content execution, earned media value, social action rate, consumer engagement, and more. In 2015, the company’s US-targeted Influencer Marketing programs spanned 14 advertiser categories and employed (in aggregate) 754 influencers – each of whom has a direct relationship with RhythmOne.

Full Year 2015 Highlights

On average in 2015, advertisers who implemented a RhythmOne Influencer Marketing program received $11.20 in earned media value (EMV) for every $1.00 of paid media spend. This figure represents an increase of 16% over RhythmOne’s 1H 2015 average of $9.60 in EMV and 63% over RhythmOne’s full year 2014 average of $6.85 in EMV.

• On average, their 2015 Influencer Marketing programs delivered an influencer engagement rate (total engagements/total exposure) of 1.50%.

• Overall, Instagram was the best channel for social amplification – it delivered a social action rate (social media engagements/social media exposure) of 3.21%.

• At $21.03 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media, the Alcoholic Beverages advertising category received the greatest EMV for the full year 2015 Influencer Marketing programs – followed by Travel & Tourism, at $18.98 in EMV.

• Inclusion of a sweepstakes or giveaway typically drove higher earned media value and higher social engagement rates, vs. those Influencer Marketing programs that did not.

For the complete report click here.


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