Psst! When It Comes to Multi-Channel Marketing, Mobile Makes Everything and Everyone Smarter


An Adotas Q&A with Julie Ginches, CMO, Kahuna, explores the power of mobile to direct multi-channel marketing efforts. And we look at the ever-growing importance of having the right technology to make the most of marketing efforts in this ever-changing marketplace.

Q: What are the unique challenges marketers face in sending targeted email messages in today’s mobile environment?

A: No doubt many marketers today — especially those who have long been dependent on email — are beginning to rethink the value of mobile. The fact is, although these days most email is opened on mobile, there are, in fact, challenges.

1. Up to 80% of people will delete an email if it doesn’t look right on the device they are using. Marketers need to understand the difference between the mobile experience and the desktop/laptop experience.

2. Marketers need to use the right technology. Then the behavioral insights you can gain via mobile can help you design personalized communication at scale.

3. This is most important — marketers need to understand that mobile is the road to effective multi-channel marketing–and that’s the future of marketing. In other words, mobile makes everything and everyone smarter.

Q: With the proliferation of mobile devices and channels like social media, how important is email for modern marketers?

A: With multi-channel automation technology, marketers can send the right message to the right user at the right time, and yes, to the right device. But because mobile provides marketers with the key access points for collecting the behavioral data on which multi-channel communication is built, it behooves marketers to think strategically about the evolution of these devices. Today, the devices that marketers concern themselves with most are smartphones and tablets. But increasingly the focus is on smartwatches, other wearables, and the first wave of IoT devices. So not only does mobile make everything smarter; it’s a portal to the future of ubiquitous computing.

Q: How are the best marketers today using multi-channel communication?

A: One way to think about multi-channel is to consider it a way to guide users through their customer journey — from awareness, to consideration, engagement, conversion, and advocacy. A great example of how multi-channel communication can be used to guide users to conversions comes from a Kahuna customer, Yummly.

Yummly is a mobile app and website that provides recipes and recommendations personalized to the individual’s tastes and preferences. Yummly includes cross-channel behavior patterns, individually personalizes the content, optimizes for the best-performing copy, times the delivery for when users like to engage, and triggers campaigns programmatically based on actions in the app. The results prove this level of detail is worth it – one Yummly automated onboarding campaign program boosted new user conversions 13x.

This is just one example of how, when cross-channel behaviors are taken into consideration and the message is highly personalized, intelligent communication can drive user conversions.

Q: How can marketers overcome the challenges of reaching customers across so many different channels without inundating them?

A key part of smart multi-channel marketing is knowing not just when and how to communicate, but knowing when to stop. The perfectly timed and perfectly crafted message can create a near magical experience between brand and customer. But sometimes silence is golden. It’s like music. The pauses between the sounds are part of the overall experience. But, again, to provide that kind of experience, marketers need the right technology.

Q: What are best practices or tips for driving personal experiences at scale?

Beyond the tech, I recommend a bit of education and training for marketing teams. As we recently learned from a commissioned survey that while most marketers recognize that they should be doing personalized marketing at scale, only 6% know how to do that. At Kahuna, we see a huge opportunity to educate the other 94%.

Q: What is the #1 piece of advice you would give to marketers looking to drive more personalized customer journeys?

A: We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. We need to adapt to the speed at which consumers embrace these technologies. And in a world of continuous partial attention, it will be even more difficult to engage with consumers.

The modern marketer will need to engage with consumers on many devices, and across many social channels. We all need fewer, smarter, and more meaningful engagement touchpoints from brands: Less is more.

Bottom line: The modern marketer needs to be goal-oriented and multi-channel, and that means the marketer needs to embrace technology that’s driving all the change. In fact, the promise of multi-channel marketing automation is that most of the heavy lifting — and heavy thinking — is done for you. And at the same time, automation keeps you in the driver’s seat, i.e., in charge of the things that have always differentiated great marketers: creativity, curiosity, and the ability to navigate an ever-changing world.

In the end, automation can help strike the right balance between “art and science”,” letting each do what it does best. That’s the mantra of the modern marketer. You’ll be hearing it more and more in the months to come.

About Julie Ginches, CMO, Kahuna

As Chief Marketing Officer, Julie Ginches has global responsibility for Kahuna’s brand, strategic planning, customer education and empowerment, product marketing, demand generation and communications. She is recognized as an innovative digital change agent with a proven track for creating world class marketing organizations. Julie brings over 20 years of marketing experience, most recently serving as eXelate’s CMO where she repositioned and launched the customer data cloud. eXelate was acquired by Nielsen March 2015.



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