New Yahoo! Study: Gen X–America’s Most Influential Generation


Marketers have invested heavily in reaching millennials, but according to Yahoo’s new study, Gen X: America’s Most Influential Generation, it’s time to take another look at 35-54 year olds.

Calling Gen X the most influential generation may sound controversial, but our statement is backed by data. Generation X, comprised of 81 million adults, has the highest spending power today, controlling 29% of estimated net worth dollars and 31% of total income dollars in the US. Through our study, we discovered some key highlights. Gen Xers are:

Mobile-obsessed. 79% of Gen Xers are smartphone users, and this number is expected to reach 88% by 2018.

Multi-taskers. During primetime hours (7pm-11pm), 84% of Gen Xers are using 2+ devices and switching between them 9.2 times per hour. The most common combinations of device usage during primetime are TV and laptop or TV and phones.

Brand lovers. Nearly 33% of Gen Xers consumed content posted by brands or companies on social media, and 30% are more likely to engage or click on an ad that is aimed specifically at their generation.



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