Leanplum Data Reveal Mobile Marketers’ Struggle with Relevancy


Analysis of 671 Million Push Notifications Shows Mobile Marketers Don’t Engage Users at the Right Times.

Leanplum, a mobile marketing automation platform, announced a new data science initiative to advance mobile personalization with the release of their first study, “Breaking Barriers to Push Notification Engagement.” Leanplum aggregated data from more than 671 million push notifications and 1.4 billion daily events on its platform to uncover marketers’ roadblocks to relevance. The findings reveal that apps message users at the wrong time, failing to cross cultures, and missing the mark on frequency. To provide marketers with a simpler way to increase relevance and engagement, Leanplum announces programmatic delivery and new channels to its advanced messaging suite.

Forrester’s 2016 Mobile and App Marketing Trends report recently recognized Leanplum as a mobile-centric solution primed to provide not just automation to deliver rapid engagements, but machine learning to derive insights from big data to drive campaign optimization. Harnessing such data, the Leanplum study details how marketers struggle to understand their users.

The study’s key finding found that 63% of marketers around the world send push at the wrong times, missing key times of the day when mobile users are most engaged. Here’s how it breaks down:

● In North America, marketers are missing the opportunity to engage with users in the evening hours. For example, at 8pm, users open four times as many push notifications as are being sent.

● Data shows that many marketers do not factor in time zones. For instance, in EMEA too many marketers send push at midnight, when users aren’t engaging — while it’s afternoon in North America.

● In APAC, marketers completely miss the mark, failing to send enough push during the six most engaging hours of the day, from 7am-1pm.

What this means: Marketers don’t approach users with region, culture, and lifestyle in mind — as mobile usage varies across EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and North America. Marketers continue to rely on generic push campaigns, while the data shows there is a large gap in engagement.

“In our industry, personalization is paramount to users. Leanplum gives us the insights we need to launch, analyze, and scale campaigns for millions of users,” said David Yitzhaki representative from Last Minute Travel. “The data that Leanplum gathers to engage and optimize is a game changer, and demonstrates how mobile marketing automation maximizes ROI.”

Leanplum developed programmatic delivery mechanisms and added new channels. It’s a simpler way for customers like Expedia to integrate sophisticated, behavior-based engagement for better relevance. The messaging suite includes:

Programmatic Delivery: Automatically sends messages to segmented groups of users based on key behavior or customer intent, in response to external events like news updates, content releases, and promotions.

● Optimal Time: Automatically delivers push at times based on when users have been most active, using a predictive machine learning algorithm to maximize opens.

● Soft-Ask Push Permissions: Increases push opt-in rates with out-of-the-box ease, by suppressing the default iOS prompt and triggering an in-app request at a time when the user is most engaged.

● Newsfeed: Reaches 100% of your audience with a persistent, single-screen container of key notifications in the app itself, so that users can always access the latest app content in a single channel.

● Email: Enables marketers to respond to activities in and out of the app with added speed and consistency, by creating content in one platform that publishes across multiple channels.

“We’re entering a scientific era of mobile marketing, in which brands embrace not just big data, but smart data they can act on.” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of Leanplum (pictured top left). “We are continually evolving our platform to empower marketers to rapidly iterate the messaging and in-app experience for greater relevance, based on customer behavior. Now, with more context-rich campaign tools, marketers can drive greater business impact.”

“Leanplum has always been able to provide a platform founded on data intelligence. This benchmark proves that marketers need an arsenal of tools to address customer needs in an on-demand, mobile-first world,” said Mike Abbott, General Partner at Kleiner, Perkins Caufield and Byers. “Leanplum delivers a powerful combination of personalized messaging, A/B testing, and advanced analytics to build meaningful relationships between mobile brands and their users. Its scientific approach enables brands to optimize their app experience across every step of the customer lifecycle.”



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