Innovid: March Madness Shows the Power of Advertising During Live Streaming


Like this year’s Super Bowl, NCAA March Madness (CBS) is poised to be another huge live streaming event. Innovid, a video marketing platform, is placing big bets on OTT (over-the-top devices) to break out as the real winner and more streaming options means more ways for advertisers to get in on the action. In fact, Innovid’s co-founder and CTO, Tal Chalozin (pictured left), believes that live streaming events will play a key role in the future of advertising, paving the way for personalized, localized, and interactive digital video ads. In short, this is just the beginning.

To help support this concept, Innovid created a predictive infographic called “Over-The-Top Streaming Picked To Go All The Way With Tourney Viewers” that showcases how and why OTT will score big during March Madness.



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