Has The Love Affair with Smartphones Gone Too Far? Phrasee’s survey takes you behind closed doors!


People love, love, love their smartphones. So deep is that connection, that people check email and social on their smartphones at what some might consider to be inappropriate times, according to a cheeky survey of 940 U.S. consumers by Phrasee. Here are several expected and, well, startling stats from Phrasee’s survey:

> About half of consumers polled (44.7%) check email, social, etc., on their smartphones as soon as they wake up.

Nearly a third of those polled (29.8%) check their mobile during dinner.
A surprising number of consumers, 38.7%, check email and social on their smartphones while on the toilet; Phrasee feels fairly certain that the other 61.3% are lying.

> Men (56.8%) admit to using their phones on the toilet more than women (27.3%); no surprise here.

> Democrats (about 30%) are less likely to check their phones while on the toilet than Republicans (about 50%); feel free to draw your own conclusions.



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