Celtra Granted Accreditation by the Media Rating Council


Celtra, a user experience platform for digital display and video advertising, announced that Celtra’s AdCreator platform has been granted accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its measurement of served display and rich media ad impressions and ad engagement metrics in desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app environments. MRC accreditation indicates that Celtra’s measurements adhere to the MRC’s Minimum Standards for Rating Research and to the applicable measurement guidelines issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Celtra has a range of ad user experience technology products and analytics that adapt to the current mobile and cross-screen content consumption habits of consumers. “Measurement is at the core of AdCreator and we strongly believe that measuring consistently and across the entire ecosystem is crucial to understanding the true value of digital display advertising,” said Mihael Mikek, Founder and CEO, Celtra (pictured top left).”The MRC accreditation exemplifies our continued commitment to measurement at the highest level of confidence for our clients and we are proud to achieve this important industry standard of quality.”

About Celtra

Celtra pioneered an integrated SaaS platform for HTML5 authoring, ad serving and analytics, that is designed and developed specifically for mobile and cross-screen digital advertising. Since 2010, when Celtra released its first version of AdCreator, it became a global standard in the industry, powering over 2,500 brand advertisers and 2 out of 3 Fortune 500 companies.

AdCreator 4 is built to run large-scale and complex digital campaigns. It is a single platform for streamlined ad creation, performance optimized serving and consolidated reporting with common metrics across all screens. Celtra is headquartered in Boston (MA), with offices in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Ljubljana and Sydney.


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