BLAB:Predicts Is Launched


BLAB:Predicts Is Launched: Offers Industry-First Conversation-Based Data Segments.

Blab, a pioneer in Predictive Social Intelligence™, announced the global public release of the BLAB:Predicts platform and an industry-first technology, Conversation-Based Data Segments. This feature enables agencies, brands and publishers to use predictive data to drive campaign engagement and significantly reduce inefficient spending on programmatic digital media and paid social ad buys. Horizon Media is the first agency partner to utilize the new data segments as part of its HX programmatic solution.

With Conversation-Based Data Segments, brand messaging is targeted directly into content topics people are engaging with most at any given moment- effectively delivering live audience segmentation in real-time. This is in contrast to traditional stand-alone, cookie-based targeting that depends on historical data that is largely out of date by the time a consumer is identified or targeted.

“Ad technology decisioning is almost exclusively focused on behavioral targeting and retargeting, which has its limitations, when over 40 percent of the digital spend is brand driven,” said Blab CEO Randy Browning (pictured top left). “The next phase of marketing maturity is the ability to target ‘activated’ audiences in the moment. Blab predicts (up to 72 hours in advance), what an audience will be watching and reading, we know where to target them and using Predictive Social Intelligence, we deliver brands their LIVE audience.”

During its recently private beta, Fortune 1000 companies using the BLAB:Predicts saw engagement rates that exceeded what many of the best media teams in the world had provided while reducing campaign costs by as much as 50% percent and improving overall campaign performance by as much as 35%.

The BLAB:Predicts platform consists of two key modules:

Automated Predictive Content Discovery:
For Advertisers and Publishers looking to drive engagement by better understanding the trends across News, Blogs and Social.

Predictive Conversation-Based Data Segments:
For Advertisers and Publishers looking to drive campaign engagement on Search, Programmatic and Paid Social.

BLAB:Predicts’ real-time streams of information are converted into actionable audience insights, allowing brands to create messaging that resonates with trending consumer conversations before they happen. BLAB:Predicts also curates Conversation-Based Data Segments for targeting audiences across Search, Display, Video, Mobile, Native, and Social; and these segments are dynamically refreshed in real-time, enabling Brands to stay engaged with consumers throughout the campaign to deliver maximum results.

About Blab

mines billions of data points from 100M+ real-time conversations taking place on over 50K online sources everyday to determine trends relevant to a brand’s target audiences. The platform then identifies, monitors and predicts audience conversation trends and engagement within specific content categories and topics up to 72 hours in advance. Blab’s Predictive Social Intelligence turns insights into action. The result is increased ROI.


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