Almighty Launches “Almighty(X)” Division To Advise Advertisers on Buying and Planning Practices


Industry veteran Rob Griffin to lead Almighty’s new transparent managed services and technology consultation.

Almighty, a Boston-based digital agency, announces the launch of Almighty(X) – a new agency division dedicated to advising advertisers on media buying and planning in the wake of industry criticism over agency practices. Leading the new Almighty(X) division is Rob Griffin (pictured left), who has also been named chief innovation officer of Almighty.

“My goal,” says Griffin, “is to put the ‘agent’ back in ‘agency’ by acting as a brand partner that is truly technology agnostic and delivers 100 percent transparent managed services. I believe brand marketers must own their own technology, data, and media to truly drive the most strategic and efficient marketing results. Alongside Ian and the entire Almighty team, we will offer advertisers a more effective system for creating dynamic personalization and scale – one that accounts for the future of programmatic and delivering programmatic creativity.”

Almighty(X) will directly address and solve for the distrust issues within advertiser relationships by providing transparent managed services and technology consultation while enabling brand clients to own their own technology, data, and media. Almighty(X)’s recommendations for which media and technology partners are best-equipped to drive a brand’s marketing efforts will provide clients greater transparency over their media budget and a better access to data and insights.

Almighty(X) ensures transparency by helping the advertiser figure out what technology they should be using, explains Griffin: “That could be a DSP, a personalization platform or a DMP. Should they be using Datorama instead of Krux or Moat? How can they deal with viewability or fraud?”

Along with new Almighty(X) clients, existing Almighty clients will benefit from the new division as Griffin examines their current portfolio of media and tech partners and works to identify redundant service layers, non-transparent vendors, and waste in pre-packaged bundles. Griffin’s team will then devise and deliver brands with a recommendation for the strongest, most economical set of media and tech partners based on their specific marketing objectives. As a result, brand clients will have more control over their data and technology, enabling them to quickly and astutely adapt to disruptive innovations and changing consumer behavior. Almighty(X) clients will be able to optimize every possible touch point and give their digital fans and audiences a more consistent and personalized brand experience.

Ian Fitzpatrick, chief strategy officer of Almighty, said: “As a digital agency, Almighty is hyper-focused on measuring the quality and key inflection points in a brand’s customer experience to uncover inefficiencies in its purchase funnel. The subsequent digital programs we develop are rooted in these insights and more effectively drive customer experience. Because the agency’s current approach to content, creative and design is centered around usability and optimizing the experience, there are obvious synergies with Rob’s vision for more thoroughly assessing a client’s media, technology and innovation needs. Rob shares our passion for uncovering the best solutions for our clients and eliminating inefficiencies, so it was a natural end to bring him on board.”


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