Visible Measures Report: Top 10 Super Bowl Ads


Visible Measures, a content marketing and measurement/analysis company, has put together info on the top watched (if not loved) Super Bowl ads: These are all campaigns that aired in game, and views are all time from when the campaign was first released through this morning.

The Top Five

: has released multiple videos as part of their Super Bowl campaign.The ads are a cross promotion with the movie Kung Fu Panda 3, which was released in theaters at the end of January.

The humorous videos show Po and other characters making extravagant attempts to draw customers to their noodle shop Mr. Ping’s restaurant, one of which is a Super Bowl style ad. The campaign has garnered over 36.4 million views to date, grabbing it the #1 spot on the Super Bowl chart.

2. Hyundai: Hyundai aired multiple ads during the Super Bowl, but only one of them, The Chase, has made it on the Super Bowl chart. Hyundai released two teaser videos as part of the campaign, where two scared people run through a forest away from something. The full 30 second spot that aired during the Super Bowl reveals that the couple were being chased by bears. They use the Hyundai Elantra’s remote start feature to turn their car on while they are running through the woods so they can get away quickly. The ad ends on a humorous note as the bears that were chasing the couple discuses what just happened, and one of the bears says “I just wanted to hug them.”

3. Doritos: Doritos’s Crash the Super Bowl: Final Edition has made third place after garnering over 33.1 million views since the campaign’s launch. Doritos once again held their competition that gives people the chance to create a Doritos ad where the winning ad will air during the Super Bowl. This year the brand narrowed it down to three finalist ads that users could vote on online. On game day Doritos aired two of the three finalist ads, “Ultrasound,” and “Doritos Dogs.”

4. Amazon: Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, Missy Elliot, and Jason Schwartzman all made appearances in Amazon’s first ever Super Bowl ad #BaldwinBowl.

Amazon released multiple teasers in addition to the official Super Bowl spot, all promoting Amazon Echo, which Alec Baldwin uses to help plan an over the top game day party.

5. Mountain Dew: Mountain Dew’s strange Puppymonkeybaby campaign grabbed 5th place on the Super Bowl chart with over 25 million views since its launch. The brand released teaser videos as well as the full Super Bowl ad online, which features a combination puppy, monkey, baby creature that delivers Mountain Dew Kickstart to three guys sitting on a couch and then dances around the room to a “Puppymonkeybaby” song.

Six Through Ten

6. T-Mobile: T-Mobile’s funny Super Bowl campaign Restricted Bling features Drake, who is on set filming a music video for his song “Hotline Bling” when he is interrupted by three people representing wireless carries who have some changes to make to the lyrics. The changes they suggest illustrate how wireless carries have restrictions that “ruin everything” and the video ends with asking viewers to switch to T-Mobile, the “un-carrier.”

7. AXE: AXE brought their ad Find Your Magic to the Super Bowl, which has earned over 24 million views since it was first released online. In contrast to AXE’s previous campaign efforts of branding their product as an ingredient to become a ‘chick magnet,’ Find Your Magic focuses on individuality. The campaign encourages men to break out of the norms and work on becoming their best.

8. Budweiser:
One of Budweiser’s Super Bowl Campaigns, #GiveADamn, has made the Super Bowl chart after garnering over 22.8 million views since its launch. The ad features Hellen Mirren drinking a beer and providing an anti drunk driving message to viewers. The ad takes a humorous approach with an anti drunk driving message.

9. Heinz: Heinz’s Wiener Stampede is an adorable and hilarious ad for Heinz condiments. The ad shows hundreds of dachshunds running across a field wearing hot dog costumes towards humans dressed up as Heinz condiment bottles who are waiting for the adorable dogs. In the end the “hot dogs” and condiments are reunited. The campaign which launched at the end of January has already garnered over 21.5 million views, grabbing it ninth place on the Super Bowl chart.

10. MINI: MINI’s #DefyLabels campaign is a star studded Super Bowl ad featuring Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Tony Hawk, and others. In the ad the celebrities throw out labels, “chick” “gay” “cute,” but MINI wants viewers to defy those labels that are used to define cars and people. The brand released teaser videos online in the weeks leading up to the game in addition to the Super Bowl ad that aired.



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