RhythmOne Releases Full Year 2015 Mobile Advertising Benchmark Report


Engagement and Video Completion Rates Are the Focus of Its Study of Various Mobile Ad Formats

RhythmOne, a technology-enabled media company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, has released its Full Year 2015 Mobile Advertising Benchmarks Report.

The annual report provides engagement and completion rates for a diverse range of mobile video and rich media ad formats, and it closely examines emerging best practices for marketers and agencies in a mobile ad landscape that continues to mature at a rapid pace.

The Full Year 2015 Mobile Advertising Benchmarks Report extends the findings from RhythmOne’s 1H 2015 report and sources data from its US-based mobile programs, which spanned 20 advertiser categories and encompassed five ad formats: Interactive In-Stream Video, In-Stream Video, Interstitial Video, Mobile Full Page, and Mobile Rich Media.

“It is our goal to provide our advertiser partners insight into what’s working and what’s trending in the rapidly evolving mobile space,” said Chuck Moran, VP of Marketing (pictured top left), who heads 1R’s research efforts. “As mobile devices become ubiquitous as a means of accessing all types of content, advertisers need to keep pace with the formats, lengths and placements that resonate most. It’s no longer a nice to have, but a need to have.”

Key Findings from the Report

Mobile Rich Media (93.7%) and Interactive In-Stream Video (87.4%) garner the highest video completion and engagement rates with consumers.

Mobile Full Page ads are ideal for driving engagement on tablets (14.2%), and Mobile Rich Media units are ideal for driving engagement on smartphones (10.7%).

Adding an interactive element to :15 second In-Stream Video can significantly decrease consumer drop-off.

Increased video length (:30 seconds versus :15 seconds) negatively impacts VCR for a number of advertiser categories.

In addition, the report examines the top five performing advertiser categories in 2015 by engagement and video completion rate, detailing performance for verticals including Sports and Fitness, Entertainment, Travel, Retail, and Financial Services.

“We have been working with top brands and their agencies on mobile marketing for years,” said Dan Slivjanovski, Chief Marketing Officer for RhythmOne. “As marketers adjust to the central role smartphones and tablets play in the daily life of every consumer, we are witnessing the channel truly mature. Mobile-first, cross-device executions are taking hold and becoming the new standard. Our mission is to continue to develop innovative mobile and cross-platform formats that engage omni-channel consumers to that our marketers can realize the highest return possible on that engagement.”


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