HI-FI Raises $3M Seed Round to Launch First-of-its-Kind Interest-Driven Network

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Feb 2, 2016 
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HI-FI, The Mobile Lifestyle Network®, today announced that it has raised $3 million in seed funding to deliver the first-of-its-kind Interest-Driven Network (IDN) to consumers.

Unlike the current social media network experience where people follow users, the IDN is a new ecosystem where people follow user-curated interest feeds and high-quality publisher content centered on topics, themes, conversations and communities based on their personal interests.

“Despite all the power in mobile devices and an ever-expanding choice of content, mobile users today are faced with information overload, cluttered newsfeeds, disorganized search results and irrelevant advertisements, making it increasingly difficult for people to connect with relevant content,” said Winder Hughes, founder and CEO, HI-FI (pictured left). “Through this money raised from friends, family and local angel investors, we are providing the ultimate resource for consumers to tune out today’s social clutter and connect within a community that shares common affinities and interests.”

The IDN is built on the Interest Graph, which tracks what a consumer has expressed an interest in and allows insights to be made based on their demonstrated tastes, as opposed to the Social Graph, which maps who they know and makes inferences from what those people like. Selected content flows to member’s personalized newsfeeds, enabling micro-communities with shared passions to form around mutual affinities. In addition to being a more relevant method for discovering, organizing and presenting content, the Interest Graph reaches a larger qualified community than the Social Graph, offering relevance at scale.

“While there are plenty of networks available based on who you know, HI-FI fills the glaring need for one that is focused on what you’re interested in and connects you to others who share your passions,” said Mac Haskell, president of MTH Ventures, Inc. and a director of HI-FI. “By providing consumers with a feed of their interests, not of things liked by people they know, HI-FI is creating a more relevant, engaging and accessible mobile experience of which I am excited to be a part.”

To download HI-FI for free and experience its IDN, go to the iTunes App Store.

About HI-FI

HI-FI, The Mobile Lifestyle Network®, is a new Interest-Driven Network (IDN) where members create, join and contribute to user-curated communities based on their interests, not who they know. Communities on HI-FI achieve a new level of relevance, featuring curated collections of news and lifestyle content, built around members’ inspirations. Selected content flows to member’s personalized newsfeeds, enabling micro-communities with shared passions to form around mutual affinities.


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