Factual & InMobi Partner to Enable Location-Based PMPs


Factual has announced an expansion of their current partnership with InMobi to include the release of high quality location-based audience data within private marketplace (PMP) environments on InMobi Exchange (IX), powered by Rubicon Project. This endeavor is emblematic of the growing trend in data-driven advertising, the rise of private marketplaces.

Understanding Private Marketplaces
PMPs provide ad buyers with a customizable environment where both premium inventory and audiences are available for purchase via programmatic buying. The benefits include access to clean data, automated efficiency, control over frequency, accurate measurement, precise audience targeting, brand safety, and transparency. In 2016, PMPs are projected to be an $8.6 billion industry.

Increased control creates tremendous value for a buyer. Let’s say a major CPG brand would like to run targeted advertising against an audience such as NFL enthusiast for the release of a new snack food leading up to and during the Super Bowl. If the brand was to buy through a PMP, their DSP would have priority to bid on a curated set of impressions tagged for NFL enthusiasts. Without a PMP, the brand’s DSP would have to filter through the entirety of the bid stream to locate this very niche audience. This is one example of how a PMP can provide precision targeting and brand safety in an automated environment.

Factual’s partnership with InMobi, means they can equip publishers, advertisers and platforms with programmatic buying alternatives.


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