Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Jan. 11th-Jan. 15th

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Jan 18, 2016 
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With lavish video everywhere you look online, sometimes great animation and appealing illustration can really stand out. It definitely does in this week’s ads of the week, all of which use illustrated graphics to engage and entertain.

Campaign Name: Volkswagen Dost Drive

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Volkswagen

Media Agency: Mediacom

Publisher: Radikal.com.tr

Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: HTML5 Polite Rich Banner

Link to Ad:

Simple and fun, this HTML5 polite banner features crisp animation and animated video with user controls to encourage users to come test drive a Volkswagen – with a friend.
Campaign Name: Streets Ice Cream

Country: Australia

Advertiser: Streets

Media Agency:
Unilever AU

Creative Agency: Mi9 Creative Studio

Daily Mail AU

Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: HTML5 Polite Rich Banner

Feature: Scroll Action

Link to Ad:

This lively HTML5 ad uses Sizmek scroll detect to drive the animation – in this case a cute conversation among Streets Ice Cream treats.
Campaign Name: İşcep Wifi

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Türkiye İş Bankası

Media Agency: Carat TR

Creative Agency:
Tribal İstanbul

Publisher: Msn.com

Built Using: HTML5 Workspaces

Format: HTML5 Single Expandable

Link to Ad:

Just a splash of animation does the trick in this HTML5 single expandable ad for TTNET Wi-Fi spots. The expansion maintains the simple, fun creative and provides more product benefits.


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