Opera Mediaworks and Nielsen Catalina Solutions Announce Collaboration


Opera Mediaworks and Nielsen Catalina Solutions help CPG brands leverage purchase behavior to deliver “No Wait” mobile video ads.

Opera Mediaworks, a mobile ad platform for brands, and Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), a company specializing in buyergraphic media activation and sales measurement for CPG marketers, today announced a collaboration. It will allow CPG advertisers to deliver high definition (HD) mobile video ads that load instantly based on actual offline purchase behavior, and measure the impact of those ads on in-store sales.

Mars Chocolate and TruMoo, in addition to Horizon Media agency, are among the first to take advantage of the capabilities now offered by Opera and NCS.

The alliance will allow mobile advertisers to leverage the largest single-source data set for CPG advertisers, with loyalty-card data from over 90 million U.S. households via over 18,000 major grocery and drugstore retailers nationwide.

NCS data will fuel advanced purchase-based media activation and offline sales measurement across Opera Mediaworks’ mobile advertising platform, reaching 285 million U.S. mobile devices. This will be the first time that the NCS data is coupled with zero buffering, HD, Instant-Play video, plus standard and rich media display.

Advertisers running campaigns on Opera Mediaworks’ mobile ad platform will be able to view the impact that their campaigns are having on offline sales, directly connecting ad exposure to in-store purchase volume.

“There is an opportunity here for marketers to take what has been considered the gold standard of CPG purchase data and combine it with the best mobile ad experiences available in the marketplace,” says Mike Owen, EVP North America Sales, Opera Mediaworks (pictured top left).

“For a company like Mars Chocolate with such a massive portfolio of brands in the CPG category, this represents a huge opportunity to apply first-hand consumer intelligence to campaigns across a number of products,” says Amanda Zaky, Digital Media Lead, Mars Chocolate. “Being able to see the nuances of purchase behavior helps us understand the small shifts we can make to target and capture new customers.”

“Now, brand advertisers can be confident that their mobile campaigns will reach consumers with the highest propensity to buy,” says Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “In addition, they can measure the true incremental sales of their advertising, rather than rely on imprecise metrics like buy rates. The combination of these two things allows for much greater precision in mobile video advertising.”

“This new capability is exciting because it helps answer the ROI measurement questions that clients pose to Horizon on a frequent basis,” said Alex Stone, Director of Digital at Horizon Media. “The turnkey, closed loop measurement of our mobile media activations for TruMoo advances how we determine the success of our campaigns.”

Opera Mediaworks and NCS do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII). Opera Mediaworks and NCS integrated with leading data-matching service LiveRamp, which acts as a data escrow agent to scrub all PII and anonymizes the data points to protect the privacy of consumers and advertisers.




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